Should adults provide room and board for their aging parents?

Asked by: AbigaillovesEli
  • Yes children should care for their senior parents.

    There used to be a time when this went without saying. Unless the loved one is too sick to be cared for at home the person would live with one of the children until he or she passed away. I hurts me and frightens me that we've become so course, so cold, so loveless that we lack the compassion to take in our own parents in their greatest time of need. And here's another thing, it's not just about them. It's about me. My honor, my virtue, my humanity is on the line. This is a great test and I must pass it. Failure is not an option.

  • Yes. Let's care for our family!

    Almost all countries and cultures support caring for our aging parents. America is one of the few exceptions. We should not send them away to retirement homes to be cared for by strangers but let them move in with us. If family meant that much to us, this would not be a question.

  • Of course they should.

    I am disgusted by the people who says no to be honest. These who you don't want in your house, are the people who gave birth to you, took care of you, washed you, bathed you, paid for you school, college, clothes, etc....

    How inhumane is it after all they've done for you, you throw them out as if they were trash. They gave you all they could, they raised you into an independent person and you repay them, by making them feel that their children don't care about them after all they've done. Cold hearted and inhumane, if you accept this on your parents, then don't be sad when your children throw you out as garbage one day too, at a time when you need them the most.

    If your parents were abusing you or causing you any harm, then I completely understand. But if they were normal parents, who loved you the most and have done everything they can to help you. Then you are certainly a person who is not worthy of any favors anyone give you. Let alone your parents who you owe the most. The least you can do is, comfort them in their last days and try to make them happy and repay them for what they've done all their lives.

    If you have no good will for your parents, then you won't have a good will for anyone. How would you feel if you are in your last days and all you want is to spend time with your children who you love the most and they tell you no, we cannot afford your stay or we don't want your company, go die alone.

    I hate to say it, but if you really let your parents die alone, then don't come crying for anyone when you want someone next to you before you die. You deserve worse.

    Lastly, if your kids see how you are treating your elderly parents, how would they grow up to be? Caring, good people. They will take care of you, just like you took care of your parents. If you don't and your kids see how you are treating them. Then don't cry at your last days, when your kids do the same as you did and treating you like garbage and wondering, what have you done for your kids to be so insensitive and inhumane. It's your fault and you are only to blame.

  • Adults should not have to provide room and board for their aging parents.

    Adults should not have to provide room and board for their aging parents. When parents get older, it is often a huge burden for the child to put them up in their house. It can also be dangerous, because senile people tend to do strange, uncharacteristic things that could put people in danger.

  • The Elderly who cannot take care of themselves

    Should be supplied with a weeks rations and basic survival tools and sent into the wilderness to fend for themselves and die honorably, without posing a detriment to their offspring. It is this selfish clinging on to survival when one has no business surviving that consumes our resources and stagnates the species.

  • Adults should not be told what to do!

    Why should I pay for my parents? Just because leaving them be is "immoral" does not mean I am obligated to provide for every single thing they need. They should not be treated as little kids, and if they are in trouble I will give them sound advise. However I will not give them an insane amount of money for them.

    I am not their personal money tree. I do not have enough to throw around to my aging parents, as they are not babies, they are adults, and if they make bad decisions with their money, I honestly think they should deal with it.

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JonathanDJ says2014-01-05T04:36:05.100
There's an old Arabic parable:
A mans aged parents, who he had been estranged from, came to the gates of his home is search of shelter. His little boy came to him and told him that they had come. He told his little boy gruffly "Here! Give them this blanket. Let this keep them warm!" The little boy took up a pair of scissors and began to cut the blanket in two. The father asked him "Why are you cutting up that blanket?" The little boy answered "This way I will give half the blanket to my grandparents, and when you come to me as an old man I'll give the other half to you."