• Karl Marx agrees.

    I as a radical Communist object to this even being a discussion; education should be provided by the State to all peoples in all levels. The ignorant man is dependent on the educated. Also, expensive Universities are a tool for the oppression of the proletariat, separating him from both education and the application of even the most common of senses.

  • Stop making bullets, start printing books.

    I don't mean that we should literally stop all weapon production, but if we (America) were to cut our military budget down to a fraction of what it is, we probably could afford to do this. Especially since it will likely pay for itself in the long run, by allowing people on all levels of society to aspire to greater things. Many in America are ignorant, and are simply swept along by each new wave of propaganda from any given source. There is no excuse for such a wealthy nation having such a low priority on education. We are not barbarians anymore, the world is changing. As a whole, we are starting to see that we to strive for peace in our fragile little world. Knowledge is the key to a better society for us all. There is no way to justify the obscene price of higher education (tuition, books, etc.) that we have today.

  • Education can be consider as a fourth basic necessities

    Everyone in this world should get free education everyonr has a right of getting educate to live a proper life if a citizen of a country is educated then only he or she can be aware of their rights. IN A DEVELOPING COUNTRY EVERYONE SHOULD BE PROVIDED WITH EDUCATION SO THAT ALL CAN GET A BETTER FUTURE!!!

  • Confucius would have wanted it that way!

    For those who aspire to advance level education, costs have been prohibitive.
    It should not be forced on everybody but, for those who sense it is necessary for their survival and are keen to continue with education, I believe that society should shoulder much of the cost.
    Just think of the advantages, especially the possibility of having the highest average education level on the planet, because most of the population has received a much higher education than they could have otherwise. The economics of it is not even an issue: Though I don't think I'd survive very long with such a policy! :-D

  • Information is free.

    Education should be available for little to no price to everyone. Those with higher level education can become engineers and Scientists, driving our future forward. One should not be denied a chance at education just because they where born poor. Humanity must pick itself up from its senseless greed and learn to do the best for everyone.

  • It's just impractical

    Taxes would have to be raised significantly if everybody were to have access to free education. While I agree that the cost of education is too high, everybody does not have a right to it. Scholarships are offered in order to attract the students who have shown that they have strong work ethics and are putting forth their best effort. What if those who were not smart enough wanted to go to college, why should we pay for them to flunk out continually? So you see, if poor students are determined and willing to put in the work, they can receive financial aid, and this kind of competition is good for everybody. Again, I would like to see the cost go down a lot, but it should not be free.

  • Free is hardly ever free!

    If education were free, from where comes the funding? If it is free to you, then it must by necessity cost us! Would taxes pay for it? Who would fund the instructional staff? This is another example of the "kick the cost down the road" generation. Or the idea of using "other peoples money" which is technically known as uttering a false instrument and is punishable by law in all 50 states and all territories and possessions.

  • Except in a certain sense; Make all information freely available and allow people to test out of anything by demonstrating competence

    If we make all information freely available such as you can look it up and research it on your own time, then a really determined person could educate themselves. If testing out is allowed for everything then the person could even bypass needing to go to college and pay by just passing the required tests. There's no point in making people take classes for things they already know. A scientist who could discover the cure for cancer might be held back having to take classes when he could've tested out and immediately started his research. Taking the tests may cost money but anyone who wants to try to test out should be guaranteed to be able to do so at least once and then again after a certain elapsed time period like a year or two and receive financial aid if needed.

    This would reward and encourage self-discipline in education.

    Tests would not be limited to just written tests. Tests could also be making an appointment to demonstrate competency in a chemical lab.

    If you want to do college the normal way though, pay for it. They are providing a service in helping you focus your mind. A person who just tests out of everything does that focusing themselves.

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