• Advances in biotechnology should be under government scrutiny

    Advances in biotechnology should be under government scrutiny. The reason is because they could produce something harmful that might put people in dangers, those working the laboratory and living in cities. Biotechnology is could be very beneficial to our country in so many ways, and at the same time it could also prove to be a threat, especially when dealing with dangerous substance.

  • Yes,they should place it under scutiny

    I think things like this should be under a lot of scrutiny, They need to take all future advancements into account as the future comes to fruition so does many different issues we have never faced before. It is going to be a crap shoot if we dont put more things under scrutiny.

  • It's not their job.

    Advances in biotechnology should not be under government scrutiny, because this is something that we can do on own. Advances in biotechnology is different than the ethical issues of cloning and the like. Biotechnology has great potential to advance our health care, and the government should not get itself in the way of that.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe advances in biotechnology should be under government scrutiny more than any other process. These developments are important to society and outside of their safety, there is no need for the government to watch over these developments. I feel the government is too overbearing and it should not be encouraged to be even more overbearing.

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