• To a certain extent

    Should advertisements in schools be allowed? Roughly 88% citizens of the U.S.A do not pay any attention to advertisements. So, what's the big deal about hanging up a poster in a small room? Also, advertisements provide funds that schools desperately need. These funds support almost anything a school requires. Although, businesses shouldn't take it TOO far. It must not get to a point where almost everything is covered in advertisements.

  • Not all ads are bad!

    Many advertisements, such as PSAs, can teach kids about good choices in terms of health and the products that they buy. Even if ads for unhealthy food products such as potato chips will help the school more than hurt its population since kids will have more educational opportunities because of a higher school budget. However, these ads should have disclaimers and legible warnings if there can be a health risk caused by these products.

  • To certain extent.

    As long as there is a specific yet meaningful reason to have ads, then so be it. Having the appropriate ads does no harm to the student viewers, if the posters advertise things such as healthy food, and programs to benefit the student with their education. Those are not considered distractions.

  • What did words ever do to you?

    Seriously, when you walk down the street you see ads everywhere! No one really pays attention to them, but so what?! People make money off of it. If schools need money right now and this is all they have to do, then hell, why not, really?! Unless it's taken to extremes, I support this!

  • Advertisements supporting healthy foods and good life choiced should be allowed.

    While most people think advertisements only support harmful things such as junk food, this is not true. Schools should put advertisements up that support healthy things, thus creating a positive environment that influences kids to make the right choices. Also, you should put them in school buses or hallways, but not put them in classrooms because that distracts kids.

  • Under correct circumstances, ads in schools will boost funding without sacrifice.

    If the ad is for a product or company that is say maybe a local business, than you are supporting your local economy, and bring in much needed funding into our schools. The money that is brought in will help improve the education quality in the school more than the distraction that it brings by being an ad.

  • Yes but only under certain circumstances

    Advertisements in schools are fine, but they should be of benefit to the students. Advertisements for food for example should not be allowed, especially junk food, but ones that could help students are fine. Some examples of this could be ads for organizations that may offer support for various needs that a student and his/her family may need. Non-profit organization ads would be good because they do not make money off of people.

  • The ad has to be school appropriate and school-related.

    Certain ads can be displayed inside the school, But they should be appropriate and school-related. Ads featuring books, Documentaries, Office supplies, Theatrical productions, Etc. Can help the school earn money while giving students options to supplement their learning. However, Ads that are trying to sell cigarettes, Alcohol, Movies, Video games, Etc. Should refrain from advertising in school.

  • Yes, Schools should have advertising

    Schools should have more advertising so they could gain more money for more things like school supplies, Art supplies, Insterments. Up grading the school making it safer, Having police for protection, Free cafitera lunches for kids who do not have lunches, For more space for more rooms and to get more people

  • Ads should be allowed

    Ads are just another way for schools to get money, So I would want to take advantage of that if I were them. Ads are not going to affect the students much, So I would just want to do it for the extra money for better field trips and school supplies.

  • Pointless and useless

    The schools should not allow this to happen to their school, it's just pointless to let vendors advertise their product because it's just going to distract the students from their work. It will affect the child's learning and make them not learn anything and will make them not care for their work

  • We have seen enough ads here and there. What's the point of shoving more of them up in schools?

    Students have seen enough ads through watching television, playing games, or just scrolling down their Google search engine. Just the thought of dealing with ads on school grounds is ridiculous enough. Some students are trying to save up cash for personal reasons, not waste it on persuasive ads they’ve seen while walking out a restroom stall to wash their hands. They’re already trying hard enough to prevent their own impulse on buying useless junk. Besides, why make them go through their own wallet and see how much cash they’ve got on them when they should be focusing more on school?

  • Advertising works that is why companies do it

    The ideology of education and the ideology of advertising are polar opposite. Education is about enlightening a person so can become critical and creative thinkers. However, advertising is a deliberate manipulation to promote a product. In this current world we cannot hide children from advertising but we can certainly create environments to encourage them to learn. Those who say yes to advertising in schools must have a limit to how much advertising at least? Where does it end? Do we have Shell writing the science program? McDonald's creating the the nutritional education?

  • Not all products

    Not all types of products allowed to be in schools except the teaching aids or something is used for cleaning like shampoo or toothpaste etc.
    some ads are useful to be in school because some people don't like watching TV. And it he helps teachers to guide students to the products

  • Advertisements containing mature content ...

    Advertisements containing mature content posted on school walls in the form of a poster, should not be seen by young children. Keep in mind that not all mature content is inappropriate. Content such as drug and alcohol prevention or safe sex could fit the educational area. Most advertisements do not belong at school in general. With all haste teachers may find advertisements useful and think about allowing them at school, and it is true advertisements have potential to raise money for schools, but they could distract students from their real purpose at school, to learn.

  • May contain inappropriate messages

    This could lead to children buying stuff that are not for them. This could lead to bad habits. This could cause students to not only not be successful, but also won't let them have a sufficient job. If there aren't ads in schools then it would not cause a distraction towards their education.

  • As long as there is a class

    If there is a class that teaches about the fallacies in reasoning in advertisements then there should be nothing wrong. The school benefits from the money that the advertising company gives them and the company benefits because some people will make educated choices based on their knowledge. From the perspective of a home schooled high school student, I would think that there wasn't much of a big deal, however I also went to public schools from kindergarten to eighth grade. At the schools that I went to, most of the people were already tuned into the latest advertisements and the schools didn't have advertising on school campus, the students just watched too much TV. Having advertisements at school would not make that much difference.

  • The Moral Question

    So people, what is school in fact? It's a place where our kids learn about moral values, where they learn to separate wrong from right! And now you want to allow advertisements in school? Are our schools really a sell-out? I grew up in a society, where school was a highly regarded institution, and you want to destroy that image? I am not going to allow that and I'm going to try everything till I succeed.N I am the mother of a 15 year old whose grades have been dropping since the introduction of Channel One in her school. Those are the consequences of advertisement in schools. So think again before you vote yes!

  • Why Bother With The Ads?

    The only reason ads are good is because schools can make money and the ads can support a good cause. Kids aren't the ones buying the products, though. Parents are. If children so called "don't pay attention to them" then how is the company supposed to benefit from this? These ads are a distraction and a nuisance. Aren't using ads on TV enough?

  • Ads are pointless and distractions

    The ads are items that people just want to skip and want to get rid of. If schools were to have ads ,they would become a distraction really quickly . Please don't add ads to schools so the students can gain focus and concentration. They are just horrible and annoying.

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