• For most things, yes.

    Advertising fast foods make people want to buy them when they see an attractive person eating a juicy burger, leading to obesity in first world countries. Model advertising aimed at either males or females develop unhealthy body images for people (namely teenagers and young adults where looks are everything), and causes bullying and depression. Adverts for electronics make people want to buy the newest and 'best' product, wasting money and filing the ground with discarded phones, etc.

  • No, are you crazy?

    Advertising is how you get messages across to people, it's your will as a human being that prevents you from buying ridiculous things or putting unhealthy food in your body.

    It's not McDonalds fault that you eat their food because of advertisements, it's yours for being gullible enough to actually eat there, it may lead to you being obese but a majority of that is down to genetics even in itself.

    If you are weak minded enough that every advertisement you see negatively effects you into buying electronics, unhealthy food or being insecure about your body then the world genuinely isn't a safe place for you as a person.

    For unfair advertisements? Sure, something like swindling people out of their money with false advertisements about the strength of clothes or the health factors of foods, but there are laws to cover this kind of thing.

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