Should aerial drones be utilized to patrol the Southern border for illegal immigrants?

Asked by: Rhett_Butler
  • As Technology Advances, So Must Our Security Measures

    The drones should not be equipped with any weapons, or possess any sort of damage-causing features. But, to spot illegal immigrants trying to get into the country, drones should absolutely be utilized, and their findings should be immediately reported to on-foot border patrol who can seize the offenders and deport them back to where they came from.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, immigrants may not be living in the greatest conditions or have a great life but that doesn't give then the right to come here and break our laws. If they want to come here they should get the proper papers and documents. Yes i support Obama but i don't think letting in more illegal immigrants is a good idea.

  • Any means necessary.

    I strongly support any means that can be taken by the U.S government to decrease the amount of illegal aliens that come to America. Simple as that. Sure, Mexico sucks. But having a sucky life doesn't give you the right to break our laws. If you want to come to America, get the proper documentation. Otherwise, stay out.

  • Use drones on the enemies of America, not American citizens.

    And the most destructive enemies of America come ILLEGALLY from south of the border. Not only should drones be used to monitor their movements, they should be programmed to shoot and kill anything that moves.

    Drug smuggling and illegal immigration would come to a standstill in a week. Crime would be cut in half. The economy would recover. Unemployment would vanish. Prisons would be practically empty. Identity theft, gone. Quality of education would skyrocket. In short, everyone would benefit, except for Barack Obama and illegal aliens.

  • No ! Drones should not be used on our neighbors. Instead the wall or fence between the U.S. And Mexico should come down

    People should have the freedom to come and go between the U.S. And Mexico because this will increase trade and friendship between our two countries . By using drones on people it will only increase tension between the U.S. And Mexico making people want to trade less. We need to remove the walls and fences and welcome our neighbors to become legal U.S. Citizens.

  • I don't believe we should.

    No I don't believe they should at all. Immigrants are not animals they don't need to be in a cage. If they really care that much how about they go take care of the corrupt Mexican government and the drug cartels. I see them more caring about people sneaking over the border but what about the poor slums and neighborhoods of Mexico that really need our attention? I think it starts environmentally and the people's right to not put up with it anymore. I think drones are an act of intimidation, while its good for the bad people out there trying to hurt others, its bad for the innocent little kids caught in that mess also.

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