Should Affirmative Action be abolished from applications?

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  • You should get a job/be accepted to school based on your credentials.

    Affirmative action, which is claimed to be an action taken to prevent racism is actually racist in itself. If someone happens to be black and has lower grades than another applicant who happens to be white, the black person will be accepted for the position merely because of the color of their skin. Employers and schools should accept the people who have the best credentials, and not pander to social justice warrior "diversity" rhetoric.

  • Brings back discrimination

    For the last century, America had done so much to steer society away from its racist views on others. Now, we bring that back by causing tension and hatred amongst opportunities because they can possibly be taking away our opportunities. Though the policy was once necessary, times have changed, and your academics and character should matter more than your race. This law takes away equality, and no matter how you look at it, it will add more issues than it solves. In theory, its a good idea, but in reality, it has negative affects on society.

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  • In my opinion yes because

    Affirmative action leads to reverse discrimination. Affirmative action was created to finally end discrimination and give everybody an equal playing field, but in reality, it does the opposite. Many white students today, despite having excellent grades and being more qualified, are having a difficult time to get into college because many institutions favor the minorities. Take for instance the case of Allan Bakke, a white California man who was twice denied admission to the University of California Medical School at Davis. In an effort to promote equality, the school’s policy was to reserve 16 percent of its admission places for minorities. Bakke was denied twice because of the school’s “quota” system, despite having higher grades and test scores.
    Yes, I do agree that affirmative action has good intention but imagine yourself as a white person, who worked hard their entire life to get good grades and when admitting to college, that slot was left open to a minority that is less qualified than you. How would you feel?

  • Times have changed.....

    Affirmative action was originally created to ensure equal rights to minorities. This was during a time of discrimination, but since this law was but into place, times have changed. Acceptance of a person should be based purely on academic success, not be based on a quality that they cannot control.

  • Yes, makes sense

    It is unfair that you give a job or a university spot to a black person who scored a B average while denying a white or Asian person who averages a B+. Even if race plays a tiny role in who gets a spot into wherever it is still unfair.

  • Merits Should Drive Inclusion, Not Quotas

    I agree that reparations must me made to all minorities who were wronged by the United States government over the past 235-plus years. However, affirmative action and a quota system for hiring minorities are no longer necessary. Affirmative action came into being 50 years ago during the civil rights movement and there is no need for such a law anymore. In 20 years, whites will no longer be the majority in the United States which obviates the need for affirmative action anyway.

  • No,affirmative action should not be abolished on applications

    Since there is still a lot of discrimination in the workplace affirmative action is still needed.Another reason it is a good thing is that diverge workplaces are usually better workplaces and this policy will encourage different type of people to apply for jobs they might not otherwise be interested in.

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