Should affirmative action be allowed in college admissions decisions?

  • Your mom boyyy

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  • Never in my life!

    Affirmative action enables black and other people who were discriminated to have a chance to succeed. If affirmative action is banned, then there would be hardly any chances at all for the discriminated people to be allowed into the universities. I think it is fair to give the "compensation" to the discriminated. If not, then what use is it of the Emancipation Proclamation?

  • Absolutely not; never.

    Affirmative is racial discrimination. Places in colleges should be based on grades, ability and effort. The only way America. To get ahead. Is to have the best students college educated. Your skin color does not make you better. It was terrible that blacks were persecuted for so long, but our present young people did not do it. The young whites of today should not be punished.

  • Of Course Not!

    "Affirmative Action" is simply a euphemism for bias and discrimination, specifically bias and discrimination based upon ethnicity and skin color. Affirmative action directly violates our 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We need to return to respecting and obeying our constitution ... Not continuing to violate it, especially on the basis of ethnicity or the color of ones skin.

  • Reverse discrimination is not the solution.

    Affirmative action is giving a person of Latino, African-American, Asian, or Middle Eastern descent who has inferior grades as opposed to a White person who has superior grades simply because they are a different race. While injustices were commited by White's in the past, it is simply unfair and unproggessive to turn inequality around. You cannot turn anti-racism into anti-White, or Pro-Black. It is hypocritical and creates a new injustice rather than a solution for the old one.

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