Should affirmative action with respect to the education or employment of women & minorities be the law of the land?

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  • It's still discrimination.

    Affirmative Acton is in and of itself discriminatory because it asks people to ignore actual skill and talent for the sake of superficial differences.

    You are not special. You are not unique. You are not a snowflake. You're a human being who has to prove your worth just like everyone else. To believe otherwise is simply narcissism.

  • People need to work hard to go to college and get a good job

    If you did not get into a good college, that is because you didn't study hard enough or do well enough, or because you were not as motivated, not because you belong to a particular group. Yes the school and type of community (advantaged, disadvantaged, impoverished) does have an effect on the quality of schools, then the government should focus on improving the schools in disadvantaged areas. If certain communities do not have equal access to jobs, create jobs in that community. You should work hard for the best.

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