Should affluent counties have a vigilance ordinance that allows undesirables to be publicly hanged

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • Should affluent counties be allowed to over ride the criminal justice system with a city council vote of execution?

    If a person cannot work and are a costly tax payer nuisance to the county, should they be hung by vigilante order of affluence. I think such laws would greatly benefit the most wealthiest members of our society, who happen to contribute campaign contributions to city officials. There are too many dirty poor people, who destroy commercial property values as well as increase the crime rate. Therefore, I think the wealthiest members should have panel that decides a public hanging. A public hanging would benefit affluent counties because it would discourage other undesirables. I think it would benefit such counties because you never no whose a pedophile these days. Do you agree or disagree? Excuse unedited grammar and sentence structure

  • Hitler did this!

    Are we really going with killing people we don't like? Death is not a way to make life easier for others, it is a last resort for the safety of life for others! Hitler killed cripples because they weren't useful to him as much as others, making them "undesirable", and he has gone down as the worst human being in modern history. What makes this any different? Anyone who is on the pro side, start valuing human life!

  • If you say yes, what then? Where do you draw the line?

    Let's hypothetically say that I did actually agree and began to publicly hang undesirables. Where would it stop? How would I decide who to hang next?

    Do I pick random thuggish looking people off the streets and hang them? Do I pick women accused of witchcraft? (Salem Witch Trials), Jews? (The Holocaust), Armenians? (Armenian Genocide)

    What you're suggesting has been done in history, dozens of times, all of them with horrific results. Worst of all your systematic system of execution can backfire on you leading to mass social unrest as the people you execute can and will resist you.

    Also, let's not even mention the part that these undesirables just so happen to be your fellow citizens. Do you know how they landed in that situation? Are you okay with executing a homeless veteran who is hard on his luck and has PTSD?

    Executions won't solve your problem of poverty. It never has in history.

  • Anti-American and un-democratic, a violation of human rights

    How can you even suggest such a thing! Apparently, you believe that someone is a bad person just because they are poor. You describe an elitist society where you give all decision making power to the rich. Such a notion is not only appealing and repulsive, it is a violation of human rights and American values.

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