• It should be a matter for both.

    I think that affordable housing regulations require a combination of federal and local legislation. If we left it up to local cities entirely, there are quite a few that would be happy to shove the working poor out. A combination of local and federal legislation would ensure that everyone, everywhere has an equal opportunity for affordable housing.

  • The market can solve it.

    No, affordable housing laws should not be a matter for local or federal governments, because they do not know the individual situations of each land lord, and they do not know if they are being unfair. If someone cannot charge a great amount for rent, they might not be able to keep the properties in liveable conditions.

  • Affordable housing not necessary

    Affordable housing laws do not need to be a matter for local or federal governments. It should be handled by the private market and let builders build a project that is inexpensive enough that some people can live in that do not make much money. The government can not afford to build the housing.

  • It should be a federal issue.

    Affordable housing should be a federal issue. This is why I do not like state law. If you are part of a country, you are part of a country, and the laws that benefit one state should benefit another. To do otherwise is a foolish idea and causes a lot of issues.

  • the federal only

    I think that the needs of people to have affordable housing needs to be ran by the federal government, and that it would be good to make sure that the whole nation does some good things to make sure that the people who need this are getting it right now.

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