Should Africa be sanitized until it's void of all Ebola-infected inhabitants? (Serious question)

Asked by: Support_me
  • Yeah it should

    It'll help lower the risk of getting infected by any carriers. Sure there will be losses involved, but think about how many people will be saved. We're not talking about killing off everyone living in Africa just to save our sorry butts. Only those who have it should bite it.

  • Ineffective and impractical measure

    Firstly, Africa is a really large place. It's a continent! It would be near impossible to sanitise an entire state, not to mention a country, or an entire continent. From the picture, I'm assuming that killing the infected is involved. In that case, no way. It is non-humanitarian! No one would agree to do such a terrible thing. It would be mass killing or even genocide. What we should be doing is making more vaccines and shipping them to Africa, not planning ways to kill people. I am not sure why it is even needed to explain that killing is wrong. While Ebola is a serious disease, it isn't so serious to the point that it is like a zombie apocalypse. Only 4000+ have died, less than the number of people who die from cancer each year. I am not saying that the deaths are insignificant, merely pointing out that they are not so serious to the point where killing the infected is necessary.

    Secondly, a more effective and thorough way to prevent this kind of "epidemic" would be through education. Should Ebola have originated in a first world country, the disease would quickly be contained and studied. The root cause of such a high death rate and spread of Ebola is the lack of education. Most African people are too poor to even have proper shelter, much less proper education. Without proper education, there will be less doctors, less knowledge on the importance of public health, less knowledge of safe sex (which spreads HIV and Ebola), etc, which on the whole creates a medically vulnerable place. Sanitising the entire continent won't help.

  • Lower the Risk?

    No. We have to attempt to find a way to save those that yet live. Killing off people who have Ebola is not a cure nor a treatment. If we start killing people off who have diseases then we're worse than the virus itself. The media is overly dramatizing this. You can contract Ebola exchange of bodily fluids of those that already have it. If people actually adhere to common sense the likelihood of getting it is rather low. Yes, it's a horrible disease, but this goes back to the idea of Man against Nature. Don't turn it into Man against Man. Don't take the easy route. We need to KNOW how to actually kill the virus without killing ourselves. Euthanasation should only be given to those consenting to it.

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