• Yes, They should

    African Americans are always talking about their past and heritage. If it means a lot to them let them talk about it. They are always going on about their race so why not let them go on about women's rights. They can do whatever they want as far as I am concerned.

  • Everyone should support women.

    Everyone should devote more time to promoting women's rights. It is something that should be important to all people because there are always women in any nation, race, etc. Also, civil rights of all groups of people should be something to be supported and promoted. It is a something that has had an impact on African-Americans.

  • No, I don't think African-Americas should devote more of their time to promoting women's rights.

    I don't think it's the job or the place of African-Americans to be promoting an entire genders rights, I think women need to organize politically and promote their own rights, African-Americans should be focused on making sure that discrimination against them continues to decline and their rights continue to be equal with everyone else.

  • African-Americans should not devote more of their time to promoting women's rights.

    African-Americans should not devote more of their time to promoting women's rights. The rights of the women in the African-American communities are being heard just like the rest of the world. I do not think that devoting more time to this cause would help them at all at solving the problem.

  • African Americans should not devote more time to women's rights.

    The confusing point of contention in this conversation is, are women's rights equal to or greater than African American rights? The supporting argument for African Americans devoting more time to women's rights is that the civil rights that are eliminated from conquering sexism will also equate to those dealing with racism. Because the African American community is a lower population than the female community, even if not considering African American women, their struggle should be against racism specifically. Statistically speaking, caucasion women have less issue with sexism then African Americans have with racism.

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