Should age play a factor in determining the right to die?

  • Yes age should play a factor.

    I think age definitely should play a factor in determining the right to die or not. Young kids suffering in teenage anxiety might choose to die, which is definitely wrong because they should have to get through it and learn what life is all about after you finally make it through the years and become an adult in society. Elderly people should also have the choice in their right to die because I would not want to suffer with all my loved ones gone and no one left for me at the age.

  • No, we need to value people of all ages.

    I am personally opposed to assisted suicide. One of the reasons I feel opposed to it is that it seems to undermine people of certain demographics. For example, it makes it seem like people who are disabled or who are elderly are less deserving of life than the rest of us are. While we can help people die gracefully and as comfortably as possible, such as through Hospice care, it is a shame for society to purport the myth that people who are old or sick are of any less value than those who are healthy and young.

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