Should age restrictions be placed on social media?

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    I think that it is better to try but it will probably change nothing because most children still use social media even if they aren't old enough.
    For example now I am 13 but the first time I created a social media account was on Instagram when I was about 9

  • Children are children

    There are so many reasons for people to want age restrictions and there are also many reasons there should not be age restrictions. Some people may state that if we instill these age restrictions kids will not be aloud to educate themselves on our day to day issues causing them to be less able to defend their beliefs. But here is something that i encourage the opposing side to think on. What if you had a child who was on Instagram looking through their feed and an older man follows them, How would you as a parent feel, And yes you could block them but the issue we, Re facing in this day and age is simply the amount of child predators. I have witnessed this myself, An older man follows you he comments on your post says you look pretty, And you feel great and it's straight forward from that point. Protect your children, Siblings, And neighbors from child predators, Cyber bullying, And the world of shear hate.

  • Health implications of social media use

    Anyone advocating for the unrestricted acces to social media should look carefully at the facts. Social media is proven to be addictive and detrimental to a young persons view of reality. This is scientific fact and has been known for a good few years, Also, When children get bullied online they become at risk from suicides, They are also at risk from grooming and various other sinister issues. Young people still have access to online educational tools, Social media does not provide that. When children are young it is important that they develop real relationships in this reality to help them with confidence and emotional inteligence later on in life. I am quite frankly appaled that anyone would say that children should be using social media, Perhaps this helps some parents avoid spending time with their children and helping educate them. You would not condone giving your child drugs, Letting them have sex, Or exposing them to harmful toxic language. So why then would you want them to use social media?

  • I think Social Media should only be for adults period. Ages 18+

    I have 7 children and I have found so many unexpected things on their social media that made me so angry. Things that they know they shouldn't be doing. So I stopped them all from being on social media. I see so many young girls exposing themselves and young boys smoking and doing drugs on social media, Posting live videos of explicit things. This us ridiculous. It needs to be where u have to have an ID or Driver's license to create an account with social media. Only one account person. Ages 18+ and up only. A lot of kids are getting in trouble because of social media, They can't focus or nothing. They are addicted to social media. This needs to be stopped.

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  • Protecting our kids from outside influence is the key!

    When I was a kid I had only two - maybe 3 or 4 adults talking to me about morality. I have a 9 year old and I will not allow them to have social media accounts until they are much into high school years. Social media is an open door to others influencing the morality of your children. Facebook and Cambridge Atlantica just had a two day senate hearing about influencing the biggest election in the world. You think these outlets are not influencing your children on a daily basis. The violence in schools, suicides, general population attitude is influenced by social media...Wake up!

  • There should be age restrictions

    Kids under 12 have not developed a robust "cognitive functions " or
    "ethical thinking". Also kids are not spending enough time outside or talking with there family because every time there is a chance to they are on there social media looking how many likes there are on there most recent post.

  • Targets kids from anywhere

    Like if there would get there address or find where they go to school at or anywhere or they can pressure little kids and little kids don't like telling stuff so they wouldn't do anything bout it so that why i think there should be a age limit on social media
    the end

  • Obviously its a big deal

    There are gullable and honestly way to innocent children left in this world, and thats exactly how it should be. On some sites there are innapropiate links, ads, etc. Kids should never cross over a website including Sex websites, or accounts on instagram and snapchat and even kik, if thats still used. People look for specific kids like this. Kids who dont understand, kids that may give there phone numbers, adresses, and I would know. Ive seen my own friends do that. Honestly even I have given my phone number by mistake. And it just isn safe. On the news I seen that hundreds of facebook accounts were recently hacked by the government, so they stole cellular data, numbers, emails, adresses, etc. It just isnt a safe enviroment for younger children. If you said no then either you don have kids, or you arent a kid. I got a instagram at about age 10, and Im now 14 and its brought drama, and dirty images into a kids mind. With fake people telling you there your friends, and even catfishes. But its a personal opinion that you must hear from someone else in order to completly make your decision, because at first I thought it was silly then I took it into a caring parents point of view and even asked questions. It is unfair for kids to see and witness things that adults themselves havent.

  • Kids are kids

    They are bound to do stupid stuff. So this protects them form doing stupid things that they cant take back cause anything posted on the internet once it on there its there for good so i believe they should be older and responsible before they get one so they dont do stupid things

  • You can try, but it will not work.

    It does not matter if there is an age restriction. If a child wants to go on social media they will. Most social media sites do have an age restriction but all children have to do is input a different year. (Example: A social media site is 13+. A child is born in 2005. All that child has to do is put some different year, like 1999 and they will be allowed.) There is no 100% full proof way to have an age restriction placed on a media site. If parents are so afraid of their children being irresponsible with a website, stop blaming the website and check your parenting skills. If you do not teach your child responsibility, how will they know? I am so sick of parents complaining how their child/children turn out when it is obvious that the parent is the one lacking in the skills to raise their child. It does not take a genius to sit down and talk to your child about using a social media site.

  • This one, I'm on the line about

    It depends on the media we're talking about. Things that manipulate children for the worse, like another debater said, sure. Things that educate children about the world and how privileged they are, no. People too often try to shelter their children and protect them from the 'woes' of the world. That kid grows up thinking that they're tough, and then is thrust into the real world and loses their sanity and it spirals downward from there. That's why there's so many cry-baby young adults in the world now-a-days. I think that kids should learn about rape, murder, and terrorist attacks. Don't shove everything in the kid's face, but when they ask why there's a sign on the side of the road that says 'abortion is evil' with a dismembered fetus flaunting on the cover, don't try to sly your way out of it. Explain where there's a (bigoted) person on the side of the road that believes that women shouldn't be able to choose what to do with their body, or whatever the hell your stance on abortion is.

    So, again, I'm on the line.

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  • Kids just won’t listen to adults

    I think kids won’t listen because I have a younger brother who wanted to be like his friends so he lied about his age. Kids just won’t care what adults say about adults opinions they think adults are stupid old people who don’t understand the world theses days so what’s the point of having a restriction if they won’t listen

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  • No because your only a kid 1 time in a life and you never come back is why i say no

    Well say your a kid growing up in a world full of technology and when your older you know your going to have a job you wont have much time as you grow up to play on that to talk to friends or family and plus its for talking to people for jobs or any that its not what its for.

  • I am Mckinnley

    There shouldn't be any age requirements. It's Just PIONTLESS. Don't people understand kids are still getting on their sites. It's easy to make a fake account. Don't be crazy. It's okAY.Don't let people control, you, let them get in the sites. I mean quit hiding thiungs from the kids.... Okay.

  • No restrictions needed

    Kids should be able to get on any website they want to, kids can make fake accounts all they want, meaning that kids are getting on these sites whether you want them to or not. It's happening all the time and there shouldn't be any age limits for social media.

  • IT WOULDNT WORK,but it would be nice.

    To many kids would fake there ages like me I honestly would because why not if I need to know something well I think I would figure it out just like any other person would if needed and don't act like non of you have either I know everyone to well

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    I think that there shouldnt be an age restriction on social meidea beacase kids can make a fake account on any age ristericted site. Most kids now days will do anything to get on a wedsite if they really want to, so maybe i think that if parents are going to worry so much about their kids social miedea then they shouldnt allow their kids to have a divice that wil let them.

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