• Yes and it is

    Agnostics should get the same rights under the Constitution that all other religion classes recieve. This country is based on freedom of religion no matter what the beliefs as long as you are not harming others. Agnostics do deserve the same protection and rights that all other religions recieve in our country.

  • Yes, no one should be forced to believe.

    No one should be forced to adhere to any religious creed or to any belief system. An agnostic is saying that he or she does not know for sure if there is or is not a god or a religious system suitable for belief. So this is a good position and one that should not be discriminated against.

  • No need to protect it

    There is no need to protect Agnosticism. They are not under persecution and do not have any rights taken from them. If they want to congregate together they can. So I think they are already protected and don't need anything further done. It is a viable religious belief in today's age.

  • It's A Way of Thought

    I do not believe agnosticism should be a protected religious class because it's not a religion, it's a way of thought. Agnosticism is simply admitting that its impossible to know if a God really exists, you can find many people in church who feel this way, as well as many who do not attend regular church who feel this way. Agnosticism is not a religion.

  • Agnosticism should not be a protected religious class.

    Agnosticism should not be a protected religious class. If you are agnostic then that means that you do not believe in God and you are probably not reading the bible every night before bed. I think that if you are agnostic then church is something you do not attend anyway so why should their be a protected religious class?

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