• Yes they may be searching for more

    If you are agnostic it may be beneficial to search and try new religions. Agnostics beleive in a higher power but they just don't see a true religion. It is possible they haven't found a true religion to believe in because they haven't found the right religion yet. Trying new religions will help this.

  • They are searching.

    Yes, agnostics should continue trying new religions, because if a person believes there is a God, they should spend their life trying to figure out what we are here on earth to do. Agnostics have a lot of unanswered questions, and most of them are wondering why God does not show His presence in the world in a more overt way. They should answer their questions to find peace.

  • Every religion will have something that a person does not whole heartedly believe in.

    I am an agnostic myself, and I do not follow any specific religion. There is no perfect religion, or belief system within a religion. I do not believe that God would of created so many different religions to follow him. While I do believe God does exist, I believe religion was created by man. I believe the Bible is just stories, and so many gospels were left out of the Bible because those who put it together did not want certain things mentioned that did not adhere to the beliefs they had at the time.

  • Agnostics should not try new religions.

    Agnostics have made up their mind about religion and they should not be forced to try anything new. It is insulting to suggest that just because some is agnostic right now, they will necessarily convert to some other religion in the future. Being agnostic is a perfectly legitimate way to live.

  • Agnostics Should Stay Agnostic

    Agnostics don't need to continue trying new religions because they don't believe in Christ or another being. The fact of the matter is that they belong to a "religion" just for the sake of not saying that they are Atheists. They should simply continue calling themselves agnostics in this day and age.

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Yoshi says2014-02-13T17:04:00.370
Why do people think there's three positions?

You are Agnostic about claims, meaning you cannot prove the claim is true, this DOES NOT reflect what you believe. When it comes to choosing what you believe, you are either an Agnostic Theist or an Agnostic Atheist. (Do you choose to believe it on faith? Or do you choose to not take it on faith?)

Knowledge =/= Belief

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