Should Ahmadiyya be considered an Islamic group?

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  • In the name of Allah.

    NOPE. They are not. Look you guys have to educate yourselves with the true Islamic knowledge. That is As salafus salih or the way of salaf. That is the way to jannah. It simply means to follow Quran and Sunnah. Period! NO more. The prophet(SAW) said," I have been revealed the Quran and something like it so bite on them with your molar teeth and beware of newly introduced thing."

    The title itself if wrong.Islamic Group??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME,MATE??? The prophet(SAW),"My ummah will be divided into 73 sects or groups and all of the will go into Jahanam except one" His companion asked the messenger(SAW),"who is the aided sect?" The prophet(SAW) said," those who follow me and the rightly guided companions.

    You guys basically believe in an another prophet AFTER Rasullullah(SAW). That is so wrong on so many levels. ALLAH said,"Muhammed is not a father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah,and the SEAL OF TH PROPHET."

    The seal of the prophets means there will never be anymore prophets to come except Isa. How Dare You Go Against Allah's Command??? BUT the prophet of yours is a Dajjal like what the Prophet(SAW)said.,"Before the Hour, there will be 30 dajjals(FAKE PROPHET)"

    I hope you guys learn something Today. Peace be upon you all.

  • Who has God given the authority to say they're not Muslims? You?

    Ahmadi Muslims believe:
    1. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad(pbuh) is His Messenger.
    2. Pray 5 times a day
    3. Zakat
    4. Fasting during the month of Ramadan
    5. Perform Hajj

    Moreover, they have consciously listened to, studied, and accepted the Imam Mahdi and Promised Messiah, hearing out his explanations with due consideration. They did not approach him with ridicule and mockery, and did not blindly reject him shutting their ears to his voice.

    If Ahmadi-Muslims are not Muslims, then who is?

  • When anyone recites the Kalima - they are to be considered a Muslim

    Belief in Kalima When anyone recites the Kalima - they are to be considered a Muslim. At time of Hazrat Muhammad (saw) there was an occasion where an enemy recited the Kalima and yet he was still killed in battle. When this was brought forwad to the The Holy Prophet (saw), the person who committed the act said the only reason why the enemy recited the Kalima was because he knew he was about to die and it was the only wayout. The Holy Prophet (saw) was so angry when hearing this and responded did you open his chest to see if he really meant it or not?

  • It is not up to us to decide who are Muslims

    I would say they are more peaceful on the service but I do wish they accept that anyone who wants to leave Ahmadiyyat and does not fully believe in their sect should not be counted as disbelievers and should not ridicule for those who leave this sect and even Islam itself. They most certainly condemn those who leave even for those are born into this sect. Having said I do think that they practice Islam but they have formed their own version which they impose on others.

  • He who calls himself a Muslim is a Muslim.

    Ahmadis may differ with mainstream Islam on many aspects, but they do have their justifications for their positions. Even if the founder of the sect was a deceiver, I fail to see how those who misguidedly follow, but nonetheless think they are on the Straight Path, are in the wrong. In any case, they pray, they fast, they attempt to follow the Qur'an and Sunnah as we do. Ahmadis believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was merely a "shadow" of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and a spiritual rebirth of him, Jesus (AS), and the Mahdi. These beliefs seem absurd, but according to the Ahmadis' own justifications of it, they don't seem to make them non-Muslims. They don't reject the "Seal of the Prophets" verse in the Qur'an, they merely interpret it to mean that the Prophet (SAWS) was the BEST, not the last. While I wholeheartedly disagree with the beliefs they have that differentiate them from mainstream Sunni Islam, I cannot comfortably declare takfir on them or any other group. He who calls himself a Muslim is a Muslim, as far as we should be concerned. The final word is up to God to decide, not us.

  • Freedom of religion

    Every human is free to practice and preach what they believe in. Only God can judge who is and who is not Muslim. Give peace a chance hold human values above hate and jealousy. Just because you dont agree doesnt mean you can force others. Love is my religion! Love for all hatred for none!

  • Islam Ahmadiyat Zindabad

    Ahmadiyat is a new pic of Islam, just the name which is the second name of Mohammed Sa. The whole teaching is according to Quran o Hadith, purely how Mohammed Sa left for us. Mullah's are trying to create trouble within fellow Muslims. They are spreading hatred making people enemy of other's life. Ahmadies are gentle, loving, caring, people who devote their lives to serve Islam and fellow being, under the instruction of beloved Khalfa try to fulfill the need and spread Islam, in the whole Universe may Allah enable us to do so. Amin

  • Anyone who calls himself or herself a Muslim is a Muslim

    I am quoting a comment by Dr. Mohamed Boodhun from the Muslim Times:
    I am an ahmadi Muslim by Allah’s grace, and I just want to mention some facts as I understand it.

    Anybody who says that he is a Muslim is indeed a Muslim for the purpose of the law. So said the Holy Prophet (PBUH) when he ordered his scribe to write the names of those calling themselves Muslims for the census.

    Anybody who recites the Kalima, turns towards Mecca for Salaat and eat of what is lawful is also a Muslim.

    The question of the point of view of the Ahmadi Muslim v/s the Non-Ahmadi Muslims, is regarding the fulfillment of the prophecy regarding the coming of the Messiah. The Ahmadi Muslims believe that the prophecy has been fulfilled in the person of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), while most non-Ahmadi Muslims believe that the said prophecy is yet to be fulfilled.

    It is actually a matter of “has been” and “will be”

    It is a fact that the vast majority of the Muslims are waiting for the physical descent of Prophet Jesus (as) from the skies. They believe that he will live for about 40 years preaching Islam and then he will pass away finally. Such an idea has the following implications:

    1) The majority of Muslims believe that Jesus will be the only prophet who will LIVE last and Die LAST on this earth.

    2) That is, based on birth Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) will be the LAST prophet, but based on death, Hazrat Jesus will be the LAST prophet.

    3) This idea also implies that God must have re-revealed the Holy Quran to Hazrat Jesus long afer the Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

    On the other hand many shia Muslims believe that the the Imam Mahdi is in a secret cave and will appear when the time is ripe.

    Read more: http://www.Themuslimtimes.Org/2013/06/religion/islam/should-ahmadiyya-be-considered-an-islamic-group#ixzz2W3H7p2MY

  • They are according to the Definition given by the Holy Prophet (saw)

    The Holy Prophet (saw) once said:

    Whoever prays as we pray, and points to our Qibla as a Qibla, and eats our slaughtered food, THAT IS A MUSLIM (Bukhari)

    There are many more ahadith as well. If a person calls himself a Muslim, what right do you have to say he isn't when he is saying the Kalima Shahada. The Qur'an also tells us not to reply to those who greet us with Salaam by saying you are not a Mumin (believer).
    IF it was up to the Sunni or Shia Ulema, noone would be a Muslim, as is abundantly evident from the various edicts of disbelief they have issued against each other. Each sect has declared the other disbelievers, as became evident during the 1953 Judicial Inquiry of Pakistan chaired by Justice Muneer and Kiani.
    It's time to smell the coffee. This argument is only being raised in particular against the Ahmadi's because their Ulema have fallen before the superior arguments of the Ahmadi's in support of their belief that the Promised Messiah has arrived in the person of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. This is a last ditch effort to dissuade people from engaging them in any sort of dialogue with the Ahmadi's. Otherwise, there is no reason they would be targeted with this kind of propaganda.

  • If the Ahmadis behavior is considered as the best among all human beings then there is no doubt they should be muslims.

    Who has the right to say who is a muslim or not outside Allah.Not even our Beloved Prophet S.A.W has been given that right.Ahmadis are showing the world the beautiful teaching of Islam that no one can deny.
    Am i right?. Ahmadiyya is not an Islamic group but simply the only Jamaat among all islamic group.

  • If do not believe the prophet Muhammad saww as last prophet than u are not Muslim.

    They do not believe holy prophet saww as last prophet. That thing make them non muslim.
    If some day Sikh say they are Muslims. Just like some of them say they are half muslims, are they going to be muslims.
    No way, ahmadiya are not muslims at all. Infact the sects are forbidden in islam. Prophet saww said that amount 73, 72 would go to hell.
    Only one is on right path.
    Infact all other hadith and Quran says.
    Ya aho alazina. Means those who believe. Means only muslims.
    We must be only muslim. No ahmadiya or any thing else.

  • They are not Muslim

    My purpose here is not to tell you why Qadianis are 'Kafirs.' What I do wish to tell you is that in spite of their being diehard 'Kafirs' they present their 'Kufr' with the label of 'Islam'. Take the case of our Kalimah Tayyiba.

    They do not believe in our 'Kalimah'. How can they claim to be Muslims? Please understand this clearly that a person who doubts in their being a 'Kafir' is not a Muslim. They pretend to be Muslims and say, "We are Musalman, we are only a sect of Islam called Jamat-e-Ahmadiya'.' But they are liars. They have established their colony near London and have named it "Islamabad" and behave as protagonists of Islam. When they come across a Muslim they deceive him and tell him "You see, we offer 'Namaz', keep fasts, do this and do that and we consider Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), as 'Khatam un Nabieen', i.E., the last of the Prophets." They play fraud on simple ignorant Muslims and assure them that every person who enters their 'Jamaat' has got to agree to one condition of their Charter of Loyalty which reads as follows:

    "I acknowledge Hazrat Muhammad as 'Khatam un Nabieen' with all sincerety of my heart.

    By this covenant they deceive poor simple Muslims.

  • Sorry, friend. No, they are not.

    The Ahmadiyya are most certainly an Islamic group in the Western understanding of what it means to be Islamic. But there is a difference between orthodoxy and heresy. This sect would fall under the latter under the orthodox position of Islam. The thing is, Muhammad was a genius, and he made it impossible to transgress upon his teachings, to innovate or change the Islam he has already established. This is exactly what the Ahmadiyya do. Islam is Islam, the Qur'an or direct word of God, the Sunnah or ways and practices of Muhammad, the understanding of the Qur'an and Sunnah when necessary by the Salaf or the first three generations of Muslims, and then the scholars who have studied all three sources. Ahmadiyya represents a very large innovation in mainstream Islam, which automatically makes it a heresy.

    What was clearly literal cannot be made metaphorical. Shari'ah cannot be innovated.

    Rule number one. Innovation, or changing the religion, is in the Hellfire.

    Rule number two. The first three generations of Muslims are the best generations of Muslims.

    Rule number three. Stay with the main body of Muslims, do not stray from this main body.

    These rules were created by Muhammad to ensure that God's religion would not be innovated, to keep it strong and solid.

  • Criterion of Quran and Sunnah to be a Muslim

    We need to check from the two sublime sources of Islam, Quran and Sunnah, what is the standard for anyone to be called a Muslim. It does not matter what others think. What matters is what Allah and His Messenger (saw) thinks, whether someone is a Muslim or not. Nobody else has right to declare a claimant of being Muslim as otherwise.

  • Because they have different beliefs

    Because they have different beliefs , which a Muslim shouldn't have... They can name there religion but they shouldn't you the name of Islam because Allah has clearly told us in the holy Quran that Muhammed(saw) is the last messenger. And they have strange beliefs which a normal Muslim shouldn't have

  • Equivalent to Jews and CHristians

    Ahmadis can be regarded as non-muslims but not muslims. They contradict with finality of prophethood and this is not acceptable within Quran and hadith. But because criteria for salvation is not necessarily being a muslim, any non-muslim Christian or jew who believes in 1 God can go to heaven. So they can still attain salvation but they are not muslims.

  • Ahmadi Prophet or Rasool.

    Every religion have its Prophet, Nabi, Rasool same ahmadiyya have its own Rasool Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, although ahmadis claim that its a sect of Islam, keep in mind sects naver had Nabi or Prophet. Quran says Islam is a complete Deen, if we start believing that still Prophets and comanmends can come then Islam is not complete Deen.

  • Still Muslims But Going Against Ijmah of Muslims is Unpleasant

    Their articles of faith do not contend with Belief in Allah with His Attributes and in Muhammad being His Messenger.

    Ijmah of Muslims is a highly respectable opinion in Islam. However it can be wrong since it is derived from human judgement. However this possibility of it being wrong is very remote.

  • Ahmadiyya is a fraud in the name of Islam

    Ahmadiyyat is a fraud in the name of Islam. They have attempted to change the core teachings of Islam and hijack the religion. There is clearly according to holy Quran and Hadith no new Prophet coming after Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the only second coming is of Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him). Whereas Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan the Ahmadiyya founder completely strayed from the true teachings of Islam by claiming himself to be a Prophet, second coming of Jesus and also Imam Mahdi. In addition he made several other claims and prophecies. Most of his prophecies failed. In the end Ahmadiyyat remains an isolated cult that always ends up wasting time in futile arguments with Muslims rather than realizing how, where and why they strayed away from the teachings of Islam. Just like you cannot call milk as vinegar same is the difference between Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Now after their cult leaders demise the group split into Lahori and Ahmadi factions. The lahoris do not believe all the claims made by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The Ahmadi faction remains hardcore and is still misleading people in the name of Islam as very peaceful, and with love for all hatred for none slogans, etc.

  • The Mormons of Islam

    The Ahmadiyya is an off-shoot of Islam (Newsweek) and with a new prophet and complete social self-isolation from the Muslim community, they are a new religion - like Bahais or Mormons - started from an Abrahamic faith, but with their own latter-day prophets.

    Just as Mormons believe in Jesus in some way, Ahmadis believe in Mohammed and the Quran in some way. However, some apocryphal sayings are the backbone of their theology - again, just like the Mormons are to Christianity.

    Ahmadiyya literature consistently says that with the advent of their 'Messiah', they are in the same relation to Islam as Christianity was in relation to Judaism.

    Discrimination against them is bad, but the facts are the facts.

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