Should aid to Haiti on rebuilding institutions rather than buildings?

  • Aid to Haiti should focus on rebuilding institutions rather than buildings.

    Haiti needs real aid that helps to rebuild institutions rather than just repairing razed buildings. The country has been suffering for a long time not only because of the earthquake, but because of a week government and a lack of industry. Aid should focus on developing the economy so that people can be self reliant.

  • Yes it should

    Aid should help with the most immediate needs: food, water, clothing and shelter. After meeting those needs, it makes sense to focus on rebuilding institutions and helping to put recovery systems in place. If aid to Haiti helps rebuild institutions rather than structures, the people will have the ability to deal with future issues a little better.

  • Institutions help to rebuild better bulidings

    Yes, I believe that the focus on rebuilding Haiti should be on the institutions first and then the buildings. Once people have institutions to give them a place to learn various skills, then those people can participate in constructing better buildings which will make cost cheaper. Institutions make life easier for the community.

  • Buildings People Can See

    The U.S, plus the world should of learned by now that they can't really dictate how each individual country should be run. That is up for the people to decide how they want their country to be run. If they have a problem with it, then they need to have enough courage to make the necessary changes. It is easier said than done though. We can apply outside pressure by keeping our own houses in order. Right now, they need some form of shelter and then they can decide what they want to do next.

  • I believe the infrastructure is important.

    After the recent horrible earthquakes in Haiti, the infrastructure is at an all time low. Without the infrastructure to support these institutions there would be no institutions at all in Haiti. Therefore, the aid money being brought into the country should go to infrastructure first and institutions second to insure the correct running of these institutions.

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