Should AIDS drugs be made cheaper for developing countries?

  • Not just DEVELOPING countries

    AIDS drugs should be cheaper - actually, they should be free of charge - to everyone around the world, regardless of their nationality. There are plenty of Americans who cannot afford to keep themselves alive because of the high cost of AIDS (and other) medications. Should these people die because they cannot afford medication? No, of course not. Everyone should be allowed to stay alive.

  • If someone has Aids they should receive the same price as everyone else, regardless of where they live.

    I believe that Aids medicine should be the same price for everyone. How rude is it to pick and choose who can be forgiven for a previous act that led to a life of taking expensive drugs. Cheaper medicine should become available for not just Aids drugs, but for other drugs too, like diabetes or high blood pressure medicine.

  • There is already a 100% effective way to prevent the spread of AIDS: ethical self moderation

    It is a huge waste of resources researching these drugs when ethical behavior is the solve. Want to be a moral anarchist? Fine, but there is no escape from the consequences

    But I want to jump off this bridge falling to my death but also not die.

    Voluntary gene pool cleansing out be encouraged.

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