• Because it will make everyone die.

    Because no one wants to die so why increase our chance of the end of the human race if we can help it. Build some resilience to heat and suck it up!!!!! Lots of other people have survived without air con. So why now are we all going to die if the temperature reaches 28 degrees?

  • Comfort and Health

    The strict fact is that despite the harm that air conditioners may provide to the enviroment, they are necesarry to the quality of living that many in the world are accustomed to. Especially in large cities it would be brutal if people did not have access to them, and summers could be dangerous to health.

  • No, air conditioning should not be abolished to protect the environment

    Air conditioning should not be abolished to help protect the environment. Many people depend on air conditioning for health reasons and I must admit that it makes hot weather in the South much more palatable. I do believe that research could be done to help find better ways of furnishing air conditioning so that it would have less of an impact on the environment, and people could be convinced to change the settings on their thermostats in order to use less energy.

  • No, its just too necessary

    Air conditioning is not something that we, as a society, are going to get rid of. We depend on it to make our lives more comfortable. I think we should research ways to make air conditioning more efficient in an effort to reduce electrical usage and protect the environment, but abolishing air conditioners is simply not going to happen.

  • Air conditioning is a great innovation of modern life

    Air conditioning is an innovation that significantly improves quality of life for people in certain locations. While it is resource intensive, air conditioning, like cars, is a necessary element of modern life. However, also like cars, air conditioning should be regulated and should conform to standards to ensure that damage to the environment is kept to a minimum.

  • No, air conditioning saves lives.

    Air conditioning, like heating, saves lives. If people in extreme heat are ill and can't have air conditioning, they can pass away from heat stroke. It's also important for people with certain health disorders. As an example of this, multiple sclerosis is a condition that can be worsened when someone is exposed to heat and humidity. Though air conditioners may be bad for the environment, we also need to be concerned about people.

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