• Yes, air travel should be subject to even stricter regulations, especially those concerning foriegners.

    Though strict regulations were set in place after 9/11 there is still problems with potential terrorists traveling by air and bringing items on board an aircraft that are potential terrorist weapons. We hear the stories in the media of incidences. Though the strict regulations should apply the same to all travelers both foreign and domestic. No one should feel like they are being discriminated against or that they are receiving special treatment.

  • No you should go to an airport yourself.

    I have flown and over the years the paranoia and suspicions of people have grown. Now if you look funny or off they can go and strip you and conduct invasive searches. This has not happened to me, But I hope it happens to you so I can say to your face that it is for security and you should not take it personally.

  • No, airport security already violates our rights

    Airport security is already so stringent that our basic human rights are violated every time we board an airplane. If it gets any more strict, it will only infuriate passengers. Plus, there isn't much more that can be done, except making passengers take their clothes off, which isn't something most people would agree to do.

  • No, they are strict enough.

    Air travel is already strict enough and it takes forever to get around in air ports and to board planes. It's really a joke at this point with all of the paranoia. If it gets even more strict, we may have to reconsider everything to do with air travel. It's already too strict.

  • There is no reason for this.

    Absolutely not. What would be the purpose of this? The current air travel security seems pretty tight, and has so far managed to prevent any further terrorist attacks against airplanes. I don't think anyone has identified any further massive weaknesses. Further restrictions could only hurt the economy and people's ability to travel freely.

  • Air travel is very tightly regulated, and further targeted regulations are unnecessary

    I full support tightly regulated air travel; it may be inconvenient to take off your shoes and leave the toiletries behind, but as long as it's managed in a professional way, it's worth the hassle. I do not support needless increases in this process, especially if they are being directed at "foreigners" for no particular reason other than prejudice.

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