• Yes, Airbus should discontinue its Super Jumbo jet.

    The Airbus Super Jumbo jet should be discontinued on the basis of simple economic decision making. Although the model took about a decade and a half to develop and cost $25 billion, it just isn't selling at a rate to justify its continuation. Some companies that already bought the jet are even backing off and delaying their orders, such as Air France, which delayed the delivery of two such jets to rethink the decision. If you make a product and it doesn't sell enough to recoup its costs, it's time to get rid of that product. The Airbus A380 should be thrown out.

  • Airbus should dissolve the Super Jumbo Jet.

    Airbus is hurting due to lack of being able to fill such a giant aircraft. With that being said, it make sense to discontinue the Super Jumbo jet. A jet with the capacity of 500 was a brilliant idea, however the limited routes it serves seems to be hurting it's ticket sales. For that reason alone in order to survive the economy I feel it is a smart move to do away with it.

  • No, Airbus should not discontinue its Super Jumbo Jet.

    Any time a company embarks on developing a product as large scale and with as many great engineering challenges as the Super Jumbo Jet, the initial investment to be made in research and development is pretty massive. Given this, it only makes sense that the company would need to ride out the product's profitability for as long as possible to maximize the return on their investment. Airbus is clearly pulling out too soon on this one, and its plunging stocks bear that opinion out.

  • Airbus production should continue

    The Super Jumbo jet is a man-made wonder that offers a beautiful sight when watching it fly. The idea that Airbus might discontinue the manufacturing of the machine has people wondering if this is such a wise move. As we have seen in the NASA Shuttle program, the need to remove a machine means there should be a replacement. So far there has been no word on what might replace the Super Jumbo jet.

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