Should airlines add "no-kids" sections to flights?

  • No kids please

    Once you have them stay home they dont wanna go anyway or make a section for them with the luggage and animals pls . I dont want to hear them they are better staying at home with their friends toys and beds . I think the time has come definitely

  • Yes, airlines should add "no-kids" sections to flights

    Many people are annoyed by children when they are forced to fly with them. Children often get bored in the small area and become disruptive or cry. Having, a "no-kids" section would give passengers the reassurance that they would not be sat next to a screaming child. In addition, it would relieve the stress on parents of having to keep their children quiet if they were located in an area where other parents and children were located.

  • No, kids have the same rights as everyone else.

    No, airlines should not add no-kid sections to fights, because kids are not usually a problem on flights. The vast majority of kids are polite and respectful. There are a few that are a problem, but that is true for adults too. Kids should feel welcome on the flights and also welcome by other people in their community.

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