Should airlines continue banning flights to countries experiencing the ebola outbreak?

  • Let's Take Ebola Seriously

    While Ebola is not as contagious as the flu, and one needs to come into contact with another person's body fluids in order to catch it, we still need to take precautions. Remember how long it took for everyone to realize that HIV was a serious problem! We don't need patients to go home from the hospital and start infecting loved ones. Let's avoid an epidemic while we still can.

  • airline flight banning

    Yes I do definitely agree that airlines should continue to ban flights to countries experiencing the Ebola outbreak. They should also ban flights coming out of countries that are experiencing Ebola outbreak. We need to crack down and work together to get this outbreak under control before more lives are lost.

  • Yes They Should

    Air travel is a privilege and it should be banned in and out of all countries where the crisis is not contained. Situations like that in Dallas should not be happening and it is obvious that people will break the rules to help themselves. This is just common human will to survive.

  • There isn't a significant Problem

    Only two people have come over from West Africa with Ebola. The other two cases were from Duncan. 2-4 cases aren't going to cause a flight ban. The affirmative must show significance and obviously 2-4 out of the roughly three hundred million people that live in America aren't going to change the status quo.

  • It probably doesn't help much.

    I do not think the ban is particularly justified, Evidence has suggested that a ban does not accomplish much. If someone is determined to travel, they will find a way around the ban by travelling to a neighbouring country first, and then flying from there. It is more a case that the aircraft are flying nearly empty anyhow, so it saves the airline money to cancel the flights.

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