Should Al Jazeera America sue AT&T from dropping the channel?

  • Yes they should sue AT&T.

    Al Jazeera America should sue AT&T for dropping the channel, AT&T violated its contract with Al Jazeera America and should have to pay for it. Al Jazeera America lost a lot of money by being dropped are deserve to be compensated for it. Companies need to know they can not change contracts because they do not agree with something.

  • Suing Won't Help Al Jazeera

    Al Jazeera has proved to be an equitable and fair arm of media in other countries, but that is also the reason it is being rejected and ignored in the United States. Al Jazeera probably would not benefit from spending it's time and effort suing AT&T. American's can get there news without AT&T and quite frankly, AT&T does not control what we see. They would be better off trying to up readership and viewers via the internet.

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