• No, he should not.

    His comments were insenstive and were not factual, but they were not overtly racist or otherwise damaging. He needs to be reprimanded and he should spend more time checking his facts, but he should not be fired, based on his comments. He also should think twice about what he says about an athlete.

  • Trautwig needs to be fired

    Simone Biles is changing the world of gymnastics thanks to her incredible skill and precision. However, Trautwig chose to ignore these factors and went right in on Twitter with personal remarks about Biles' parents. Biles is adopted, but that obviously has no factor in her gymnastics skills. Trautwig needs to be fired because personal attacks have no place in sports.

  • He should not be fired

    He should not be fired. This is because our society is too eager to accuse people of wrongdoing for saying a few simple words. It is getting to the point many people are afraid to express themselves. I suggest people become less sensitive over minutia and learn to accept people's opinions.

  • No, not this time.

    I think they should not fire him because he did apologize. However, I believe his comment was wrong. Real parents are the people who spend the time actually raising the children, getting to know them, and shaping their little personalities. Parents protect their children and try to do what's best for them. Moms and dads are just people who know how to make a baby. Anyone can do that, but not all people can be parents.

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