• Legalization will make marijuana safer for the user

    Marijuana as an illegal substance is sold through underground means. It is also grown secretly and to make it have a more high effect some growers lace their weed with other drugs like meth and cocaine. If the people could get the weed from the government it would not have the unsafe chemicals and other crap in it.

  • Weed would help a lot of people including the government

    Weed could help people in both recreational use and medical use. Also, if the government were to grow it, they could place a high tax on it and it could put people to work and would create more jobs to sustain or economy. Lastly, Alaskans have been trying to legalize it for a very long time, and it's just a matter of time before it is legalized.

  • Marijuana Helped Criminals

    Now that Colorado legalized marijuana criminals can now go there and then bring them back to other states where its illegal and financially benefit from it. So to all you marijuana smokers out there in Colorado you now support illegal drug trafficking inside the United States of America. So you the people who are marijuana supporters in Colorado have helped the criminals.

  • No To Marijuana

    Like any plant a person can become allergic to it. The argument that "nobody ever died from pot" is false. Numerous people have became allergic to marijuana and developed lung disease, asthma, COPD from exposure to the plant. The deaths are listed as being due to "lung disease" and it is never mentioned that it was caused by marijuana exposure. I AM one of those people. I can not be around the plant, the smoke or anyone that has recently smoked. I have had to be ambulanced 100 miles and lain in the hospital for 8 days on oxygen tubes and IV steroids and antibiotics, just from being around people that have smoked. It is hard enough for me to go anywhere without coming into contact with potheads. If it is legalized it will further constrict my ability to go out in public. I have to live like a prisoner in my home. There are many others in my same situation. Research marijuana allergy and you will find many, many more, some even worse than me. Why must I and other like myself have to suffer for a bunch of potheads?

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