• Shouldn't we all?

    At this point, we as a country are just a few steps away from legalizing recreational marijuana use, selling it in stores, taxing it, providing our states some much needed income, and getting nonviolent drug offenders out of prison for good. Alaska should be one of many states following in this trend.

  • Alaska should legalize recreational marijuana

    Alaska should legalize recreational marijuana. This is because of the fact that all states should legalize recreational marijuana. This is because marijuana is not harmful at all. Marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol, and doesn't contribute to deaths or murders. Marijuana has helpful health effects if vaporized, and is good for these reasons.

  • I think that Alaska should definitely legalize recreational marijuana as soon as possible.

    I think that Alaska should definitely legalize recreational
    marijuana as soon as possible. Think
    about it. What is there to do in
    Alaska? I think that marijuana should be
    legalized in every state in America immediately. But, maybe Alaska should be first. Alaska is not an easy state to live in. Alaskans need recreational marijuana.

  • Alaska should legalize recreational marijuana.

    Alaska should legalize recreational marijuana. This should be allowed to happen everywhere and Alaska should be among them to be allowed to do so. I do not think it is fair that only a couple of states are allowing this to happen. I think if it is okay for them to do then everybody else should be allowed to do it too.

  • Alaska Should Legalize Marijuana

    Yes, Alaska should legalize the recreational use of marijuana. A free-willed adult should have the ability to choose what she or he places into her of his body, without the government attempting to take this right away. In addition, marijuana is a relatively safe drug. It is by far safer than alcohol, which is legal.

  • Alaska should legalize recreational marijuana.

    With Colorado's legalization of recreational marijuana, the tide has turned in proponents' efforts to remove the stigma from the drug. Marijuana is an innocuous substance that does not deserve to be classed with hard drugs like heroin or cocaine. Police should not waste their time enforcing meaningless drug laws anymore.

  • No it should not

    Alaska should not legalize pot because firstly, in the states where it has been legalized, it has been abused and not controlled properly. My biggest concern is that young adults or teens will use it more and will loose full potential of their brain cells before the brain has fully developed. This could cause problems in colleges, high schools and even middle schools. Alcohol is already a problem and it is abused by people who don't drink responsibly. Let's not put another teratagen in to the hands of America's future and also let that be used irresponsibly as well. For adults who have established lives, and are not a burden to society, they have earned the right to use it as they please because by providing for yourself and your family it shows that you can handle the responsibilities of using pot.

  • Marijuana, not being used for any medical benefit should not used.

    Marijuana's purpose is to help slow down seizures, treat glaucoma, and other benefits. If it is not going to be used for those important uses, its purpose is frivolous. Although Marijuana would increase revenue, it would negatively affect Alaskan citizens. If marijuana is legalized, many the education of our youth will suffer. Marijuana will cause many teenagers who find pleasure in smoking pot, they will be more distracted in the classroom. In conclusion, Marijuana legalization would have no beneficial purpose unless for medical reasons.

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