Should alcohol and tobacoo advertisements be allowed to show during prime time?

  • The first amendment

    I don't appreciate having to write fifty words but let us see. Drug and alcohol companies are allowed to advertise via first amendment, so should tobacco companies. Does that make sense? The first amendment provides for freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and I think the freedom to speak about your product in the media should be covered by this constitutional right.

  • Stop being ignorant, uptight Americans and grow up

    Do you know how much these corporations pay for prime time commercials? It creates millions of tax dollars. Stop saying, "ohh it's killing our kids"... Our young citizens are not that stupid and guess what, it is alright to drink once in a while. I know plenty of high schoolers going to top colleges that drink every weekend. Fast food is A LOT worse than alcohol nutrition wise. McDonald's should be banned from prime time, not alcohol. We need to go back to the days when people made their own decisions and stopped trying to control everything. Live and let live. Know your rights

  • Alcohol and tobacco advertisements should be allowed to air at any time, because it is up to the viewer to decide whether to indulge in them or not.

    Alcohol and tobacco companies should be allowed to air their advertisements at any time. It is up to the consumers they are reaching to decide whether or not they want to purchase their goods. If a person becomes addicted, it is also their right to decide to do that. We cannot go around policing those that cannot control their addictions.

    Posted by: HospitableEdgar46
  • I believe that ads for alcohol and tobacco should be allowed to air during prime time programs, because they are legal substances.

    Ads for alcohol and tobacco are just as safely viewed as ads for other legal though potentially dangerous products. Ads for fast food restaurants are allowed to air during prime time, and fast food contributes to health problems as well. People are capable and have the right to decide for themselves what they choose to partake in, and advertisements only give them the knowledge of a product's existence. They do not force anyone to buy anything.

    Posted by: WaterAufo
  • Yes, alcohol and tobacco advertisements should be allowed to show during prime time, because it's not right to censor one without the other.

    If we are going to censor advertisements during prime time, then we need to censor the programs that air during that time too. It should be okay to air the advertisements, however, they should carry a warning on the effects of these products. This will hopefully curb underage smoking and drinking.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • Yes, since alcohol and tobacco are legal products, they should be allowed to be aired on TV, no matter what time of day it is.

    There are already several potentially offensive commercials aired during prime time television, so I do not think tobacco and alcohol advertisements need to be singled out and banned. Alcohol and tobacco use is largely a peer pressure thing. People start smoking or drinking because their friends tell them to do it and they want to fit in. I do not really feel the advertisements have any role to play in getting people to start smoking or drinking. All they can do is influence what brand the person who already smokes or drinks chooses to use.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • Since alcohol and tobacco are legal, I believe they should be allowed to advertise during prime time.

    I support the advertising of alcohol and tobacco during prime time, since they are both legal products. It is up to parents or guardians to teach children about issues with these products. The government should not be trying to regulate every part of our lives. I saw alcohol and tobacco ads on television when I was growing up, and I do not believe that it has negatively affected my life. The same goes for both of my children who are now middle-aged adults.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • I think that alcohol and tobacco companies should be allowed to show commercials during prime time, because people have the right of choosing what they want to purchase and what they don't want to purchase.

    A commercial isn't telling people that they absolutely have to purchase their products. If it was telling them that, it wouldn't be called a commercial. A commercial is only there to inform people about products that are available. If you don't like alcohol or tobacco, you don't have to buy it.

    Posted by: AJermaine
  • Let's not be hypocritical

    The best way to raise our children it's teaching them how to face and handle reality. Hiding it may lead to them hiding what they do, and they may do it anyway. When things are open and discuss if a problem appears it's easy to control. Through prohibition we only create guilt and fear.

  • Hemp and natural products

    There was a time when western countries touted the medicinal and material properties of Hemp. Then they suddenly decided to label it a "gateway" drug and named it Marijuana.
    If that were true anyone who drank beer would now be an alcoholic. It is a ridiculous excuse to waste millions to fight an underground business and lost lives this banning has caused. Shame on our Governments.

  • Here's A Better Idea; Let the Companies Contract Together Against Advertising

    Create a "mutual agreement to refrain from advertisement" exception to anti-trust laws against collusion agreements. Then, the companies will get together with the other companies and sign a contract that says none of them can do advertisements, because they all stand to gain money if none of them are advertising. They only advertise because if just one stops advertising that one will lose money.
    This should apply to all companies, advertisements would disappear, companies would make more profits, workers at companies would get more money, products would cost less. Everybody wins!

  • I do not believe that advertisements depicting alcohol and tobacco usage should be permitted on Prime Time TV

    I strongly believe that ads trying to sell alcohol and tobacco should not be permitted on Prime Time televisions. Reason for this is that in advertisements, the product at hand, and in this case, alcohol and tobacco is glorified and is made to look like a great thing-which anyone would anyone with any sense of mental intelligence would happily refute. Thing is, because it's made out to be such a great thing, adolescents and children are seeing these commercials and will begin to believe that it is socially acceptable to engage in these recreational activities because the comercial made it seem "cool". By showing these commercials on prime time television, the time when many kids and teenagers are watching tv, we are manipulating the youth into believing that these things are socially acceptable things to engage in, which is obviously wrong. Again, I am 100% against the airing of these ads on prime time television and a point of information, I'm 15, I know exactly how the media affects people of my age group.

  • I feel that advertisements for alcohol and tobacco should not be permitted during prime time, as many children and teenagers are watching television at this time.

    Children and teenagers who watch television during prime time are vulnerable to advertisements and could be unduly influenced by television ads to use alcohol and tobacco. Many children watch television alone without an adult who can help them to realize that alcohol and tobacco are bad habits. If permitted at all, advertisements for these products should be limited to late night hours, when the target audience of adults would be reached.

    Posted by: HaltingSammy66
  • No, alcohol and tobacco commercials have no place in prime time, because that is generally when families watch TV together.

    Prime time is often a time for families to watch TV together. During prime time, many children and teenagers are viewing TV, and showing these commercials is irresponsible. To the young people that are seeing these commercials, they may see these products as cool, and may be tempted to try them. These products do not need advertising, because there are plenty of adults that will be drawn to these products, without television campaigns.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • I oppose showing alcohol and tobacco ads during prime time because it can influence youths negatively who see the ads.

    These ads glorify smoking and drinking, which can make it look cooler for youths watching the shows. Many youths are already smoking and drinking at young ages, which is unacceptable. These ads will just influence more youths to take up smoking and drinking so they can be like the adults in the ads.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • There are a lot of children watching television during primetime and, because of that, these ads should not be aired.

    Ads such as these should only be aired late at night, if at all. It has been shown that children are very susceptible to advertisements, and they should not be exposed to these substances. While, ultimately, it is the parents' responsibility to screen what their children watch, this crosses over into the area of public health.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • Alcohol and tobacco advertisements should not be shown during prime-time because that is when many families watch TV.

    Alcohol and tobacco advertisements should not be shown during prime-time because that is when many families with children gather to watch TV. Children are very susceptible to this type of product placement and it sends them the wrong idea about what is healthy, safe and acceptable for having a good time.

    Posted by: WardGrad
  • Drugs are bad for children and a bad influence on our youth.

    When people get drunk, they do things without regret. Thousands or even tens of thousands of people try to make it seem like drinking is a good way to relieve stress, but it isn't. It is actually killing you. Studies have found that the complex ingredients in drugs and alcohol cannot mix well in your body and are hard to digest; this, along with some other factors, may cause irregularities in the body.

    Posted by: A Patel
  • Teens are influenced

    Younger people are especially sensitive to perceptions of society and peers. They can be convinced that smoking and drinking, since they are reserved for older people, make one look more mature. This was why this kind of advertising was restricted in the first place. There is a difference between teens wearing saggy jeans and smoking. One kills most of the people who participate in it. The other just bothers older people.

  • Bad influence and it will ruin your health

    Alcohol & Tobacco are very harmful to your brain ant to your lungs.
    Advertising it makes it worst. The commercials makes seem that drugs are tasty and think that so good for you but their NOT!!!
    The adverting the drugs putting in different colors and flavors children would fall for it and may think that drugs are like juice and candy.
    Teens may drink or smoke to be in the crowd or just to be cool.
    Drugs also cause suicidal thoughts.

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