• Many of the alcohol related issues with minors are due to age restrictions

    In places where there are no age restrictions regarding alcohol consumption do not have the problems that are found in the United States. The prohibition of alcohol leads to many binge drinking behaviors in minors and those who are just over the legal limit for alcohol. Removing the restriction on consumption (while keeping in place restrictions for crimes committed under the influence) would severely limit the binge drinking attitudes of teens in the United States.

  • Yes, adults should have the right to consume alcohol if they choose.

    The concept of freedom has always been extremely important in the philosophy of the United States. An important aspect to American freedom is the freedom over one's body. Excessive alcohol consumption has the potential to be extremely harmful, but it is not the job of the government to enforce sobriety or healthfulness on the public. As long as strict laws are in place on behavior that potentially endangers others, such as drunk driving, alcohol consumption should be an individual choice.

  • Alcohol should be allowed but regulated for everyone.

    High school and underage college students attempt to get access to alcohol frequently. In most cases, they want to have alcohol to unwind and have a good time at a party; they go to extreme methods to get it such as creating fake ID's, stealing alcohol, or having others purchase it for them. If it was legal for everyone, there would be less crime associated with trying to get alcohol in the first place. However, to ensure everyone's safety, there should still be aggressive drunk driving laws to deter stupidity, especially for minors.

  • The use of alcohol should be restricted to a certain age group.

    Alcohol should not be allowed for all ages because it is a drug. It is a drug to which people can become addicted. The problem with allowing young people to have unlimited access to alcohol is that they do not understand the effect that it has on their bodies. They may unknowingly consume too much and suffer serious consequences and perhaps even death. Just as prescription drugs are controlled, the purchase of alcohol must be controlled as well.

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