• Yes, it causes too much harm.

    Yes, alcohol should be banned, because it causes a great deal of harm, including death. It is true that most people drink alcohol responsibly. But the few that don't ruin it for everyone else. A certain percent of the population will always drive their car drunk, and will always drink enough to make them sick.

  • Cause prohibition worked so well...

    No it should not be banned at all. People have a right to choose what they wanna put into their own bodies. Banning ANY substance is a dumb idea. Why do people always try to control what others partake in...Keep your nose out of my business and i'll keep mine out of yours

  • No, adults can choose

    No, I do not think alcohol should be banned because I think as adults we can choose what we do and do not do with our bodies. For the same reason I think a lot of drugs should be decriminalized as well. If someone wants to drink or do drugs, that is their choice.

  • Your own choice.

    The substances and dangers people choose to partake in is completely their own decisions. If people want to drink and do drugs and slowly kill themselves in the process, by all means they should be able to do what they want. I think having limitations on how much you drink would be good but completely banning it is not going to happen.

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