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  • They have censored them enough.

    Next time you see an add for beer or some other alcohol. You may notice something. They never show someone actually drinking it. They hold it, pour it, even bring the glass up to their mouth but before one drop goes in, the scene ends. Why? Because they made it against the law to show consumption of alcohol in advertising. Funny how they can show it in the TV program or movie your watching but not in the ad itself. Check it out for yourself.

  • Parents Have Final Say

    Parents should have the final say as to what their children watch on television. As such, alcohol shouldn't be banned from television because adults should be monitoring what kids watch. There are parental controls on cable and satellite networks now that can keep kids from watching objectionable stations. Alcohol shouldn't be banned from television--it should be banned from drunk drivers.

  • Why ban alcohol?

    When it comes to commercial ads, I do feel they should only air alcohol ads during late hours of the night. When it comes to television shows, I highly doubt you will see any alcohol use in shows that are below PG rated. PG stands for "parental guidance" so it is up the parent to step in.

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