• Alcohol Hides the Soul

    I lost a lover from his own drinking habit and don't want to lose my own fiancé, either. Alcohol stops a lover from being himself. Drinking keeps my own fiancé from knowing what love is. I want to marry my own fiancé, How do I prevent my own fiancé from ever drinking again?

  • BAN Alcohol Today

    Tik Tok time is tiking and you next in line on the death bed. Alcohol may be a right to buy at the appropriate age but it isn't a right for you to die today. Yes drinking is a choice but it doesn't mean you have to drink. All people have the right to live till you reach old age, this doesn't necessarily mean you will. By the choices you make and all of your decisions you chose to die before your life has even started. I have dealt with loss but that doesn't mean you and your family have to. Maybe on drink with your friends is okay or maybe a nice relaxing beer after work. Alcohol shouldn't be banned completely but should have more limits.

  • Alcohol destroys family's including mine

    I have grown up in alcohol all my life seen my family get torn apart by it and have even seen friends get killed and badly hurt by it multiple times and seen several other families get torn apart by it. There is no good at all iv ever seen come out of it the only thing good comes from it is that it fills pockets with tax's and ect.. That is in fact a crying shame that a mighty dollar can stand in front of a better and much enjoyer life.

  • Yes alcohol should be banned all over....

    Drinking impairs judgment, lowers inhibition, and encourages the type of risk taking involved in gambling and dangerous activities. God tells us that intoxicants and gambling are abominations from Satan and orders us to avoid them. Satan wants only to excite enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants (alcoholic drinks) and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of God and from the prayer. So, will you not then abstain?”

  • Ban that horrible stuff.

    Even if it can't be banned, it will still cause tons of deaths in the US. At least 10 deaths are caused by alcohol every minute. So there's my reason for alcohol should be banned. Hope it gets banned soon. 10 deaths every minute, just remember that okay because its a lot.

  • Alcohol should be banned immediately!

    I truly believe alcohol should be banned. I have seen on the news how many drinkers are unresponsible and have taken other peoples life in drunk driving. I also have had young friends that have gotten addicted to drinking and have passed away in there 30s from excessive drinking causing organs to get damaged and fail. This is an epidemic and it needs to stop. People are hurtn about this and some people are so ignorant they dont even realize it.

  • Alcohol should definitely be banned!

    I think alcohol should be banned because it does nothing but cause problems. For example: Deaths, drinking habits, and problems for some families. Yes it may make you feel good but there are many people out there getting into a car and making poor choices by getting into a car and driving while intoxicated.

  • Can Do Much More Harm Than Good

    Some people think alcohol is really good for you based on the affects it has on the heart, but the truth is that some Americans are simply too irresponsible to be trusted with alcohol. Alcohol impairs judgement and can lead to higher divorce rates, child neglect, child abuse, child endangerment, cancer of the larynx, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, gastrointestinal tract, spouse abuse, drunk driving accidents, unsafe sex, riding with impaired drivers, and much much more. It is unsafe and turns even the kindest of gentlemen into brutes.

  • Bad Stuff, Bad

    I am still kind of young but I do not want alcohol anymore. Just looking at it from a chronological point of view-it is terrible. If you see everything that has happened in our history from alcohol it is all bad. I am not saying history rules the world but for alcohol it probably does.

  • It is as bad as drugs

    Alcohol is a problem in our society. It is just a bad drug and very very dangerous. It kills a lot of people in a year, theres a statistic for this. Many people killed because of drunk driving. It is just bad. It causes many scary diseases. It can make you aggressive, do silly things, and much more. I just can believe how we are allowed and proud of selling this poison legally to humans. Alcohol is one of the worst drugs out there, people talk about it all the time, especially in front of young folks and it sickens me because they are throwing it up that they are all grown up and they can drink it, knowing that it is stating that it is ok to party. We honestly think it is ok to state that one drug is ok to use but not another, come on and wake up. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug out there, and some mention to drink responsibly seriously, most will have one to many and the effects of alcohol make you irresponsible, why drink at all if your are responsible, what would be the point in it? Drunk driving should be banned worldwide because too many people are getting injured or, even worse, dying. Our world population will get decreased. Drinking makes people's judgments think that it's okay to have a few more. We want to live. I personally and passionately think that drunk driving should be banned world wide!

  • It would be utterly impossible to enforce.

    Even though alcohol consumption sometimes results in negative consequences, such as alcoholism and drunk driving, it would be impossible to enforce a ban on the substance. For that reason, it should be allowed and taxed, with attempts made to control its use. Prohibition, during the 1920's, has shown us that alcohol is here to stay.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • I think that Americans should have the choice to drink alcohol if they want to, because it is a free country and alcohol is not against the law.

    I believe that alcohol is safe, if used with self-control, and it should not be banned in the United States. Alcohol is not against the law, unless the person is under the age of 21. Banning it would go against what this country is all about, which is freedom to do what you want in your life. Drinking alcohol, for some people, is a delicious treat, and banning it would take that freedom away.

    Posted by: SneakyBryant
  • Alcohol shouldn't be banned for mistakes.

    I think that alcohol should not me banned for that fact that some people do not abuse it or drink and drive. Also, why should people who drink it responsibly be responsible for other peoples mistakes? Although people love to live off of it they should only drink occasionally. I myself am underage but I still think it should be legal to a degree.

  • I disagree that alcohol should be banned altogether, because it doesn't hurt anyone to have a drink every once in a while.

    Look, going back to the last argument, alcohol should not be banned altogether. It is OK to drink occasionally. But, to live on the stuff is not good. We all know our limits, and it doesn't hurt one bit to have an occasional drink. I do feel that you should be allowed to drink, once you prove your maturity.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • Alcohol Has Many Uses

    What about Alcohol that is meant to be used for religious and cooking purposes? There are some people who use alcohol for cooking everyday. Some people who drink alcohol might even just go to religious services for it. Alcohol has many uses that don't just include making beer or other drinks.

  • Organized Crime would rise once again

    We've all learned by now banning alcohol creates organized crime. I would even go as far legalizing cannabis nationwide to suffocate the organized crime in that area. However I would suggest we do advocate educating people about the health risks of abusing those substances. I would also raise the legal age of drinking and using cannabis to 25. So during those college years, as much people as possible stay away from getting hammered so they can build a healthy foundation to their future soberly.

  • Alcohol Should not be allowed

    People can die by drinking.If your like young in your teens it can cause drunk driving which people can maybe die.When people drink they can become violnt you can be addicted to alcohol. Alochol Can mest up your brain cells.People do stupid stuff when they drink.At least 10 deaths are caused by alcohol

  • Alcohol Should not be allowed

    People can die by drinking.If your like young in your teens it can cause drunk driving which people can maybe die.When people drink they can become violnt you can be addicted to alcohol. Alochol Can mest up your brain cells.People do stupid stuff when they drink.At least 10 deaths are caused by alcohol

  • Remember how well the prohibition went?

    Bootlegging would skyrocket, more deaths due to the bad quality alcohol, our economy would shamble. We learned all about this in school, alcohol prohibition was one of the major factors of the great depression. Alcohol also is good for stress release, we are a progressive nation. Currently we are fixing the damage done by FDR when he made marijuana illegal and that's helping the economy. Alcohol has been a major part of the worlds history and it will be a thing in the future too. If you don't like it don't drink it, but DO NOT force your opinions on others.

  • Have we learned nothing from prohibition?

    The creation of organized crime, increase in gang violence, higher taxes, riots that usually resulted in death or injury, loss of millions of jobs, and more people started drinking alcohol in response to the prohibition act of the 1920s. The fact that allot of people started drinking because of prohibition means that if you try to tell the good ol 'merica what to do it will fight you tooth and nail to do it , and we have only gotten more radical and independent since the Roaring 20s. Making alcohol illegal wont stop drunk driving or crime rates. Has the fact that weed is illegal stopped literally EVERYONE I KNOW from getting high every weekend? No, it hasn't. Whether or not making it illegal would benefit society, ask yourself if anyone would even heed these laws.

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Anonymous says2013-03-14T14:13:40.307
People should responsible with what they d so alcohol should not be banned.
Anonymous says2013-05-02T15:48:50.813
Scientists scale alcohol as a hard drug, much higher than drugs like marijuana. Every year it is the cause of many deaths and injuries due to overdose, violence, drunk driving, domestic violence, etc. And then i'm not even talking about the vandalism, dependence, and public disturbances. Since marijuana is illegal, than alcohol should definitely be illegal. It would only logical.
Anonymous says2013-06-10T16:16:35.830
I don't understand why alcohol is legal and weed is not alcohol causes so many more problems
BasicLogic says2014-04-28T03:37:53.387
Have you guys opened up a history book and read about prohibition?