• Yes. A complete ban of alcohol.

    I support a complete ban of alchohol. In the 1920s, they tried this experiment, and it didn't really work. That's because there were a few problems. Selling alchohol was illegal, but drinking alchohol you already had was legal. This made it confusing to police wether or not you had this alchohol before the ban or not. Also the police did not enforce the ban, and would let it slide. You can't have a law that's not enforced. That just doesn't work. If the police force a complete ban of alchohol, both drinking and selling and making, then that would be better. Too many innocent people die from alchohol because when you do alchohol, you can't function properly and other people can end up getting hurt. And it's not fair because they weren't doing any alchohol. This is why we need a ban.

  • Alcohol vs population

    Alcohol vs Population Alcohol is strongly right to be banned. Health is more important than sales of liqueurs, even though other side thought that for business. The alcohol will definitely make people lose conscious. Also their wives will suffer birth defects; descendants wouldn't live longer, and such ridiculous behaviour will replicate!
    Such consumption will affect their behaviours, making them lose their conscience, contributing to selfishness.
    If some innocent citizenship gets up early like lark, (for example: far distance to daily career/want to catch their morning flight) they will experience more danger in any forms of transportation, assuming that there are many drunk drivers that time. (Severe population downfall)

  • We dont need it

    Alcohol is bad for the health and the economy. Its not a need its a want and its bad and we can function without it. People may lose jobs but it will gain to brain health that will lead to a guy to get a job anyways. People always promise drink responsibility but look at the crime rate numbers due to alcohol - They lose that argument.

  • Alcohol should me illegal

    Its is very bad for your health and if you drink to much you can harm yourself and other. For example everyone knows the story when a father and his son where driving back from soccer practice. Then out of no where a drunk driver crossed a red light and crashed into their car. He lived but he killed the child and his father.

  • Alcohol should be illegal

    Over the years we hear of drunk drivers killing innocents this involves other motorist and civillians on our streets icluding children and not to mention the horrific effects it has on young adults and kids, who are influenced by alcohol. Alcohol brings out the worst in people and leads them to do some insane crap like a father who was under the influence of alcohol shoot and kill his own son over a football match infront of his pregnant girlfriend.

  • Alcohol should not be banned...

    Alcohol should not be banned because doing so will create a criminal class. It has been tried before, and, like marijuana, anyone who uses alcohol, automatically becomes a criminal. I do not want to live in a world where half of my friends and neighbors are classified as criminal by my government.

  • Alcohol should not be banned if you work

    If you work your tail off seven days a week, then you should be able to have a drink. But if you drink everyday just to get a buzz then that makes you a alcoholic. Also i understand and consider there argument, but the responsible people deserve to have a drink if they want to.

  • Alcohol should not be banned

    Alcohol is not the problem, I am not a drinker myself but due to recent research I believe that alcohol should NOT be banned. If we banned everything that was dangerous, we wouldn't have cars, glass or even medicine! Alcohol is also known to prevent and cure many different diseases (like Gallstone), it is not completely useless.

  • Alcohol Should Remain Legal

    No, alcohol should not be banned nationwide. The economic implication of doing such a mass banning would be drastic. It would instantly plunge the nation in to a worse recession than the one that occurred in 2008. On top of that, adults should have the right to say what is put in their bodies, not a governmental regulatory agency.

  • Alcohol should not be banned nationwide.

    A National prohibition of alcohol is not necessary. As seen during the times of the first prohibition, this will simply lead to higher crime rates. This is simply due to the fact that prohibition does not come hand in hand with abstinence; people will get what they really want, and there are parties in the underground crime world who can and will make that happen.

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