• Yes make it difficult

    Most definitely, Alcohol is an intoxicant and causes a large number of health risks and cancer. Alcohol should be made more difficult to by closing down some pubs, and shops selling the drink. It will not only help society by reducing the crime rate, and general problems. It will also help alcoholics, less vulnerable as the temptation will be much less. Overall, society will be more civilized, the number of deaths caused by alcohol will be reduced as well.

  • Yes, alcohol should be harder to buy in the UK.

    In the UK, alcohol abuse has contributed to alcoholism, drunk driving accidents and numerous health problems and some of this can be contributed to the easy accessibility to alcohol. And since the UK has a free health care system the treatment for alcohol abuse and related health issues falls on the tax payer, which is bad for the economy. Limiting alcohol in the UK would save lives and money.

  • Alcohol Should Not be Harder to Buy in UK

    No, alcohol should not be harder to buy in the UK as it should not be the government's right to restrict what an adult can and cannot put in his/her body. An autonomous individual should have the right to partake in any substance that s/he wishes so long as s/he is not bringing harm to others.

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