• Take Away the Danger.

    Alcohol is such a dangerous thing. People who do not know how to handle alcohol are responsible for millions of deaths. These beverages are so easy to get a hold of and that is where the problem lies. No one needs to drink, so just get rid of it. We can do just fine without it.

  • Worse than heroin; there are safer drugs

    Alcohol has been around too long. It's time we collectively agree that we are better off without it. Even those who drink wine with dinner for cardiovascular health know perfectly well they'd be better off eating a bowl of grapes. People enjoy the mind-altering effects of alcohol, but they also enjoy a burger. That is not to say a salad is less healthy than a burger, just less tasty. Perhaps the emptiness resulting from prohibition and the decline of the "bar culture" could be replaced with marijuana bars. Marijuana, is overall, according to university research, a far safer and less damaging drug. It is less addictive and comparatively harmless. It's a shame we ever discovered alcohol; the drug and its dependents would have been better not to exist.

  • Stop the pain

    There have been so many lives lost due to alcohol related accidents, broken families, and health issues. Unfortunately it's unrealistic to think it would happen. Besides it would become a black market avenue like drugs. Our economy is to reliant on sales and taxes also. Too late now, prohibition should never been done away with.

  • Alcohol kills the innocent

    Why are there Bars: so drunk losers can drive. Why does our sad, I'll equipped, ignorant and blind, wanna be government, allow this most dangerous drug to be legal. Why are those tv commercials pushing the alcohol drug still on tv? Tobacco can't be advertised on television because it was said to be a bad drug. We all know that alcohol is much worse but drunks are still on television pushing their poison drug "alcohol" Now that is really ignorant.

  • Think about family's and young ones

    If you have children and even if you dont think about all of them. You are a huge influence on kids so if you go get wasted at a party and you dont come home the next morning becuase you got in a car crash and killed some one, and your now in jail. That wont only affect your family and friends but others to. You can kill an innocent person and spend the rest of your life in jail with all that guilt!! And what all because you where having a good time. I know some people can handle but most people cant and its sad that all you who think we should have alcohol are willing to take that risk of million people dying just so you can calm your nerves and sip on something that numbs your insides. Is this what you want your kids to be like alcoholics that drop out of school and spend life in jail because most kids want to follow in there parents foot steps, you know drink in highschool because thats what you did. Take this from a kids perspective!!! Im only 15 and you probably think i dont know anything but your wrong because my uncle died in a car crash all because a drunk person decided to drive and that man took 3 lives and paralyzed 2 people. What if that was you on either side, would it still be okay then??

  • Addiction and withdrawal can kill you

    My mom did not get sober until after I graduated high school. She was an active alcoholic for 30+ years before my sister's HS counselor, An older friend, And I checked on her. My mom ended up with a panic attack and her breathing slowed. I thought she was dead after she stopped breathing, And body turned purple. When we got the hospital, The doctor told me if we had not intervened she would have inevitably died, Either from withdrawal, Or the continuation of drinking. She's now sober, Almost 10 months. She lost her home and is now living in a recovery house, Climbing back up the ladder. I never had a reliable parent, Especially when I had to raise myself and younger sibling while she was drunk and psychotic. I developed PTSD and Bipolar 2 Disorder from the trauma, Physical abuse, And 24/7 stress of screaming and crying and trying to get her to stop drinking. I now know that it's a disease and it couldn't be helped, As she's a big part of my life now. Alcohol ruined the first 18 years of my life and will affect the rest of it. I wasn't even the alcoholic.

  • Far more harmful than most banned substances

    The fact that ethanol alcohol is legal to sell in any jurisdiction, Let alone be promoted is a sheer sign of the ineffectual rule of law that has permeated our society. Banning such substances as psilocybin containing mushrooms, THC, LSD, (All CSA I) and Ketamine (CSA III); and allowing the sale of alcohol freely and without schedule shows a blatant malfunction of the governmental process. This malfunction must be corrected either through total prohibition or broad legalization of all psychoactive substances. Let the people decide.

  • We never needed alcohol;

    I cannot believe that something as dangerous as alcohol is allowed to be sold taxed and consumed in this year of 2019 soon to be 2020. The fact that we know so much about the effects and long term effects that alcohol induces, And we still fail to oblige. There is no such thing as a legal drinking age. No age should be drinking a toxin that is dangerous and robs you of the ability to function. The fact that cars aren’t made with breathalyzers installed from the get go astounds me even more. The amount of lives taken and accidents caused by this poison, The lives and opportunities destroyed. Slowly but surely if you consume alcohol it will catch you where you least expect it. In a world that we are supposed to be helping each other and discover way to improve our race as a whole we do the opposite and poison each other for money. I say ban alcohol in the United States! And The entire planet if possible. It’s a sneaky serpent.

  • The Hidden killer.

    It's not only killing more people than illegal drugs but it's glamourised on TV with no government health warning on the packing like cigarettes. It's an absolute disgrace. It's the gateway drug which leads to taking illegal drugs. Save the NHS a fortune in the process. BAN ALCOHOL PLEASE!

  • Alcohol Hurts So Many

    Alcohol has torn many families, Apart (including mine) and can have devastating effects on a lot of things. It can harm a person's body/organs, As well as putting other people in danger (if the person drinks to the point they become violent). People get addicted so easily, That it is dangerous.

  • It should not be banned

    Firstly I think alcohol should not be banned as it helps people to get jobs and keeps people in business.
    Secondly if alcohol was banned drugs would become more popular so that people who liked to drink might start to take drugs instead.
    Thirdly even if alcohol was banned it does not stop people from drinking it also people need to learn to take responsibility for their own actions.
    And lastly if alcohol was banned it would make teenagers want to drink it more and also drinks like beer compliments meals, relieves stress on bad days and helps people to stay calm.

  • Freedom Of Choice

    Wow I'm using this title a lot.

    People should have the freedom to choose whether or not they drink. What gives you the right to decide what people can or cannot do based on your own moral compass? And besides, you won't get rid of it, you'll drive it underground

  • Tasty Tasty Beer

    Since many have already given historical reasons why alcohol shouldn't be illegal, I will give some cultural ones. Some archaeologists believe the fermentation of beer drove humankind to begin sedentary societies, which led to civilization (that's right, alcohol pushed us forward, it did not hold us back). Being of German heritage, I'm disgusted by the idea that it is anybody's business whether or not I drink beer. You have your culture, I have mine, deal with it. Lastly (and most importantly), beer tastes SSOOO good! Beer compliments meals, relieves stress on bad days, and is very enjoyable. Don't like alcohol, then don't drink it. Please keep your noses out of my beer. Oh, and bourbon is great too.

  • Hahaha hahahaha hahahahaha

    No. Alcohol should not be illegal.

    If you make it illegal, why not just go back to prohibition days. Pretty soon there will be back rooms of bars selling moon shine or other black market products. If you are going to go that far, why not do it with something else? Make cigaretts illegal? Smoking and drinking seem to fall in the same box. Both can kill you if given enough time. Why punish everyone, because some in the population have an allergy to it? Maybe make it more expensive. But making it illegal is not the answer to the problem.

  • It wouldn't work.

    Alcohol has been made illegal before. Think back to the Prohibition. People kept drinking, and resorted to all levels of crime to do so. Gangsters came about as a result. Not only that, but bars are a place for people to gather. Pubs even more so. Many people make livings off of alcohol, and we can't just do away with it.

  • No to government control

    All drugs should be legal if i want to screw up my life and health it should be left up to me not decided by someone else. And drugs include herion cocaine etc. Its a waste of time to outlaw any substance if people want to do it it is availiable and can be bought for a price

  • Other peoples problems are not yours

    People have a right to do what they want, is it always right? No, honestly i dont think achohol is good in anyway but it doesnt mean you get to choose for someone. Its like abortion its not your problem its the parents and what if the girl was raped? Does she not get a say? Its ridiculous and other peoples problems are not yours.

  • Yum yum put it in my bum bum

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah a ha ha hah ah ah a ha hah a lets be serious here. We all need to chill out. Lets all get some ice cream and eat some ass. Peace love and pussy my friends lol

  • What about free-will?!

    Yes, alcohol does bring problems. But doesn't everything? Smoking, driving, cutting up vegetables, eating meat, having bonfires? Everything! If the government are given the power to dictate every single thing, the whole world would be a boring mix of clones. Perhaps stricter age restrictions, but personally I believe that it is UP TO YOU! If you want to get drunk? Fine! If you want to sleep with someone because you're drunk? Okay! As long as these actions are not HARMING, HURTING or AFFECTING others negatively, then you should be allowed to drink as much as you like! People with addictions should be helped and rehab centres should be better and the government should spend more time on those than wars, bombing and endless dispute. Healthcare should not be prioritised who have been so stupid to drink so much that they may die, but more education should be given out to ensure people know the dangers of it! In fact, the whole education system should be altered so that children (like me) are educated on things that are important! Not Pythagoras' therom, how to measure a leaf or the ins and outs of a simultaneous equation but better things so that people can make BETTER DECISIONS, BETTER CHOICES AND HAVE BETTER LIVES! Thus leading on to a safer environment eventually. Thank you!

  • Didn't work the first time, not going to work a second time.

    Politicians, christians, and feminists tried the prohibition and it failed more miserably than the War on Drugs. The moonshine the shiners made easily in backwoods often skipped removing the dangerous toxins that cause blindness. Bathtub gin was counterfeit liquor made by diluting grain alcohol or solvents then adding flavors like juniper berries. Some concoctions were fatal. Beer and wine could be made easily with bread yeast or full exposure to the air(containing wild yeasts). The type of people involved? All classes of people, the local police, bars, politicians, and the mafia of all of them. The mafia being in control of the bootlegging was like the Mexican cartels in control of the drug trade. Like the cartels today involved with being at war with each other, the mafia were killing for turf. The mafia was the primary reason prohibition was repealed. History has stories we forget or don't read. For those that think cannabis could phase out alcohol keading to a ban, it won't work. Alcohol is the easiest hard drug to make and could be sold to anyone that can afford it but not a gram of kush. They tried to phase out heroin with methadone for heroin addicts but heroin eventually phased out methadone and other narcotic painkillers. Heroin got so damn cheap and pure but narcotic painkillers are costing more and losing purity because of the painkiller epidemic. Bottom line is prohibition is impossible because I explained why. Remember that alcohol is a drug and the war on drugs is not working.

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