• Yes. It is an obvious yes.

    Alcohol is glorified in our society. It causes poor mental and physical health. It is highly addictive. It causes a large number of deaths per year. It causes people to do stupid things. It ruins families, and it changes a person. For all these reasons and more it should be more regulated. The above reasons are also precisely why it is not regulated.

  • Alcohol should be limited to .02 for ALL drivers.

    Alcohol is a depressant. It is not good for the body. Sadly due to our culture, we use it as a lubricant when talking to others at a party, business, etc. There on the other hand is much money to be made by the state, courts, lawyers, judges, police departments, etc. from such over the limit behavior in arrests, jail time, rehab, etc. I guess it best to just nip it in the bud...Stop driving/drinking totally. I indicated .02 because of those on medications which may have alcohol in their formula. If you have friends over...Serve them tea or some other concoction. If that's not possible, call a cab so they can get home. They can pick up their car the next day. It will be a great new social experience for everybody!

  • Yes, regulated is good; banning is useless.

    Alcohol is one of those substances that can be very much abused, and yet it is also a relaxing substance that many cultures see as an addition to their meal or entertainment. As Prohibition showed years ago, banning alcohol will never work and will just make it go underground and serve to provide criminals with income.

  • Laws can control it.

    Yes, alcohol should be more regulated rather than banned, because it is possible to use alcohol responsibly. A person can have a drink without getting drunk and making bad choices. If drunk driving laws were more strict, like they are in Canada, people would think twice before drinking and driving, and alcohol would be managed properly.

  • Just more regulated

    I think that they should maybe make more regulations on alcohol, but should not make it banned at all. I think that the alcohol that we sale here in the US is not hurting all that much, but makes a lot of revenue for the states and national government here.

  • Yes, it should be more regulated.

    Alcohol has a negative affect on many people as it is. Making more regulations for the substance would potentially help cause less drunk driving and alcohol abuse. Someone driving under the influence causes many people to die every year, and the use of a drug in this way should not be taken lightly.

  • Alcohol should be more regulated

    I don't think it should be banned outright. If it needs to be more strictly regulated, that would be more practical. Purchase limits, more strict ID checks, and harsher punishments for DUI would make more sense. Economically speaking, an outright ban on alcohol doesn't make sense, since there are lots of breweries and distributors doing business providing jobs.

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