• Alcohol should be restricted more than it already is

    If alcohol gets more restricted than it already is it would save a lot of teenagers who brake the law of driving while being drunk also there would be less children being physically or sexually or mentally abused by people who are addicted to alcohol. More kids would be happy.

  • Yes it should

    Somehow, way too many teenagers are abusing alcohols and parents cannot control. If there is a stricter rule or law on alcohols, this will help solve a lot of drinking teens from driving that may cause fatal accidents on the road. Besides, this helps save lots of life too. Thus, alcohol should be more restricted.

  • It should be illegal.

    There is no other drug that is more dangerous and still remains legal in this country. It is so entrenched in society that it's likely going to be impossible to remove, but the fact remains that it is extremely dangerous and very bad for the person drinking it as well.

  • Alcohol consumption should be a Personal Choice

    Prohibition already proved that alcohol can not be completely restricted. At this point in the game, the places you can consume it, access to operating a vehicle, and general counselling for repeat offenders would be a better use of resources. Alcohol is not the problem, the reasons people drink is.

  • Restrictions hardly matter

    Consumption and availability of alcohol will hardly change if the laws are more restrictive. We may as well allow cities and states to collect the revenue dollar from legal sales to keep important services running. Those that would be impacted by greater restrictions would easily find loopholes around them to obtain alcohol.

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