• Yes it should

    Yes, I do feel like the college campuses will be a whole lot safer for people, and that there would be a lot less trouble if they made it against the rules for people to have it on campus. I think that it will be a lot better without it.

  • Alcohol Be Prohibited

    I personally think that Surveys of student drinking and perceptions of other students' drinking were conducted before, during and after the policy change at the transition university (TU) and compared to similar data from a control university (CU). Surveys of student drinking at on-campus and off-campus venues and observations of alcohol service practices were also conducted.

  • Yes It Should

    Since most college campuses include age groups below the legal age to purchase alcohol I think it would be far better for colleges to completely ban alcohol on their campus. I believe people of this age group create a lot of problems when the drink together and they also tend to over drink at the same time.

  • American college campuses

    I personally disagree,Universities are striving to raise funds, often attracting spectators by selling alcohol at campus events. This study evaluates the effect of a policy change on student drinking at a large western university that had historically banned alcohol on campus but transitioned to permitting the sale of alcohol in some of its facilities.

  • no, it should not.

    Let the college kids party. Hey, at least they are at college and giving it a try. I partied my way through college, and the mornings were miserable sometimes, but I still made it through plenty fine. Kids are going to get drunk whether they're on campus or otherwise. Stop trying to restrict things.

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