Should alcohol companies be banned from sponsoring sports events?

  • Alcohol companies should be banned from sponsoring sports events.

    Alcohol companies should be banned from sponsoring sports events. We should not focus on the presence of alcohol during a sporting event. Alcohol is a very bad thing, and it has affected many people's lives for a long time in America. The focus on it should go away so that many families can be saved from its effects.

  • Why ban alcohol ads during the game?

    In this world, a company, including an alcohol based company, such as Budweiser, is nothing more then a business, that needs to be involved in sponsors and advertisement. I see nothing wrong with Bud light sponsoring a NFL game or even the Superbowl. The Bud companies are a phenomenon in itself.

  • Achool doesnt matter

    Achool is good but so is chichen so chicken should be sponsors i like cheese so cheese should be sponsor i like sport but i like chicken and cheese i am reely good at speling i love my life and sport and cheese and chicken so chicken and cheese should be sponsor

  • No it shouldn't

    Just because a team has an alcohol sponsorship doesn't mean that the fans will drink the alcohol it means that they are aware that their team is sponsored by an alcohol company.....Even if they do drink their hasn't been an alcohol related major incident in years. They choose to drink it they should face the consequences for it not the company's

  • Some of the sporting companies need the sponsorships.

    The sponsorships from the alcohol companies are what helps some sporting teams on top of there expenses. Some football clubs make over 50% of there money to fund there club from the bar. That is also why some local sports are more successful then others. And that is a reason that some sporting teams need sponsorships from alcohol companies.

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