• Yes They Should

    All alcohol labels should have the calorie content on them, no matter what type or brand. People have the right to know what they are consuming and how it will affect their bodies. Consumers should ask themselves why would a company want to hide this information. There is no reason to not have this information on bottles and cans.

  • Yes They Should

    Almost everything else you put in your body has information about the substance right on the container. Whether it's a can of soda or a frozen chicken wing, we have access to calorie content and ingredients right on the package. Alcoholic drinks and liquor should be no different in my opinion.

  • Yes Please!

    I would find it very helpful to know the amount of calories in the alcoholic beverages I consume. It's really strange that almost every other bottle in a supermarket will contain calorie and nutrition information, but when it comes to wine and liquor, they don't. I personally would find it very helpful.

  • Yes, the More You Know the Better

    Yes I definitely think that alcohol labels should include calorie content. There are many people who are on restricted diets and it is a pain when you are out to have to search the internet for the calorie information. Putting it plainly on the bottle would be the best thing for consumers.

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