Should alcohol, marijuana, and other recreational drugs be included when calculating societal living wages?

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  • No, just the basics.

    If we are talking here about calculating what people will need to buy such things as recreational drugs and alcohol, then no. These are luxuries and we do not count luxuries such as designer bags when we say what a person or a family will need. We talk about basic food, shelter, and clothing.

  • These are optional expenses rather than required

    Just as there are other privileges or extra amenitities that people can choose to opt into with their disposable income, these types of drugs or intoxicants should be considered in the same grouping. It would be like including the price of movie tickets into calculating living wages. Only items that are necessities should be included.

  • No, these are for leisure.

    These objects are a choice, and should not play a role in calculating societal living wages. Marijuana and alcohol are for leisure, and though marijuana is illegal in most states, it should not be included in living wages because it is a drug. Both are too often abused to be put in that category.

  • No, they are not necessary

    I do not think that we need to calculate living wages through purchasing things that are not necessary. Societal living wages should be calculated only by purchasing things that are necessary to survive and maintain a standard of living. We should not include alcohol and drugs into these calculations for it.

  • No, they should not.

    As much as I support the legalization of marijuana and the end of the drug war, I do not think recreational use should be calculated into societal living wages. Firstly, not everyone does it. And secondly, there are basic necessities that come first. If there's enough for recreational substances, that should go to the needy.

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