Should Alcohol Prohibition be reintroduced? How many lives would be saved and would crime rates fall, would gun crimes fall, would America become healthier?

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Should Alcohol Prohibition be reintroduced? How many lives would be saved and would crime rates fall, would gun crimes fall, would America become healthier?
  • It destroys life

    Drinking alcohol has very negative effects. Some of them are temporary, while some affect human health in the long-term. This is not a new problem. People have been drinking for thousands of years now. It leads to many issues that might not show up immediately but do much damage in the end. Over indulgence can even cause death.
    The negative effects of consuming alcohol are summed up in five sections below:
    Alcoholism increases your chances of many serious diseases. Alcohol directly affects your liver and opens you to many liver-related diseases, such as cirrhosis of the liver. This is a very serious disease that even causes death, if not taken care of properly. Other major diseases caused by alcoholism include throat cancer, breast cancer and various other types of cancer. It is believed that alcohol also has a negative effect on the person’s sex life causing sex-related diseases, such as impotence, especially in men.
    Pregnancy Issues
    Doctors strictly advise expecting mothers to stop drinking completely if they love the fetus inside them. Alcohol not only has a negative effect on the person consuming it, it also affects the unborn baby inside. If a mother is on a drinking spree, there are chances that the baby will be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The newborn is not only weak physically but also has mental birth defects. It is highly suggested to completely stop alcohol consumption if you love yourself and your baby.
    Normally people drink to stay happy and away from stress. However, it is believed that drinking alcohol actually leads to stress. Alcohol or the habit of drinking is addictive, and one gets used to it. If you get no alcohol, you will become depressed and have mood swings. This is a very negative effect of drinking alcohol that causes various issues.

    Legal Problems
    If you are a regular drinker, you will get into more legal problems. When one is drunk, he or she has no control over his or her actions. In such a state, people end up making mistakes and indulging in criminal activities only to regret it later. Many road accidents occur because of the driver’s drinking habit. It not only gets you in legal trouble but also causes people around you problems.
    Other Problems
    There are various other problems. If you are in the habit of drinking, you will not be able to concentrate on your work. Your performance will fall causing you much damage. The probability of getting into altercations or domestic abuse also increases as people will not be able to control their anger or their actions. Consumption of alcohol also tends to cause headaches. And who can neglect the economic cost? Why pay for something so devastating? Don’t even accept it for free!

  • Didn't work the first time.

    Crime rates will fall? Stating that is just ignorance of history. The Prohibition period saw a HUGE rise in the crime rate due to bootlegging. In fact, it is because of Prohibition that we have the Mafia in America. Organized crime was only able to get a foothold here due to the strictures of the Prohibition movement.
    Of course, science has also shown that drinking in moderation is actually beneficial to your health.

  • It didn't work

    It didn't work and it won't work again. We tried this and people simply smuggled it. The economy also took a toll. It should not be reintroduced. Bydrinking alcohol, I am not violating anyone's rights, therefore I should be allowed to do so. To ban it would be an abuse of government power.

  • Prohibition Pushes it Underground

    I don't drink; I think it is foolish and unnecessary. I'm pretty boring in that I don't drink, smoke or do any drugs. However, I don't think we should ban such things for two main reasons. The first is that everybody should be able to make up their own minds about such things. Secondly, prohibition in the 1920s and the current War on Drugs have shown us that banning such things will only force them underground, where they may be more damaging than if they are in the light.

  • Prohibition would devastate the American economy.

    The US gets more overseas visitors than any other country in the world who contribute $210 billion to the American economy every year. How many would come if they knew they couldn’t drink a cocktail by the pool, or couldn’t have a glass of wine with their meal, or enjoy a beer while watching sport in a bar? I’ve been to dry counties in Texas and they are miserable places to visit: take my advice and keep on driving until you reach a more civilised community with bars and restaurants that serve more than just water and soda pops.

  • We tried that already.

    And those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. While I think society would be better off without alcohol, the sad fact is that people want to drink. No amount of legislation will destroy desire. The greatest lesson of the 18th Amendment is that, when people are unable to fulfill their desires legally, they will do so illegally.

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