• Yes, they should try Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Alcoholism has many different degrees of severity, and at the most basic level yes, I believe that they should receive free help in quitting. Fortunately, so does a group of like-minded men and women who call themselves Alcoholics Anonymous. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking, and there are never any fees or dues to use their services.

  • Alcoholics Deserve Free Help

    Alcoholics actually should receive free help in the process of quitting. There is no reason that these individuals should have to pay to get rid of their addiction. Non-profit treatment centers should be created to help alcoholics kick their dependency upon alcohol. Otherwise, quitting becomes that much more difficult today.

  • I think that alcoholics should get free help quitting from the government.

    I think that alcoholics should get free help quitting from
    the government. Alcoholism is a disease
    that affects millions of Americans. Alcoholism
    destroys lives and breaks up families.
    Alcoholism makes alcoholics make very bad decisions and can even cause
    death from drunk driving. It’s hard to
    stop drinking so the government should offer help.

  • Not from the government

    Alcoholics should not get free help quitting because it is something that is personal to them and something that their lives have led to. People should be given help, and people should try and help them through private donations, but it is not a public health concern in the same vein as vaccinations.

  • It is not society's problem.

    No, alcoholics should not get free help quitting, unless someone wants to provide it through a charity. An alcoholic's problem is no different than a person who has a broken leg, or a person who needs mental health care. This care should be provided through public charities, because socialism and communism have not worked and do not work.

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