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  • No, alcoholics do not need to be fined.

    No, there is no need to tax alcoholics and more than average citizens. These individuals have a physical and mental ailment that requires treatment, not punishment. It is important to extend support to alcoholics and generate a society where being upfront about such problems is encouraged. Raising taxes on alcohol itself is a good idea but taxing the individuals specifically more than average citizens is unfair.

  • Not extra, they pay already, and it would hurt everyone

    While this may be a good idea to start with, realize that alcoholics would have a higher chance of buying cheaper alcohol. Since this increases the congeners in their bloodstream, they would be unhealthy, which occasionally leads to more drinking. While this increases the sales of certain liquers, it ruins the alcoholics life.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    I know that alcoholics put a drain on our health care system, but I feel that it is not right to tax people for making mistakes in life or having a problem that they are finding difficult to fix. If a person is an alcoholic, we should try to help them quit so they will have less health problems, not worry about taxing them more.

  • No, they already pay extra taxes, anyway.

    Alcoholics already pay extra taxes when they purchase alcohol and other items, such as mixers, cups and hangover remedies, to fuel their habit. There really is no reason to force them to pay extra taxes just because they have an addiction. Instead, they should be given resources and help to pull themselves out of the disease.

  • No higher taxes for alcoholics.

    Alcoholics should not have to pay extra taxes. This would not be just. If they should pay higher taxes, so should anyone else who has any kind of disease. An alcoholic is likely to need to keep more of their own money than other people because of the amount of cash they are spending on alcohol.

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