Should alcoholics receive stricter punishments in regards to drinking and driving?

  • Awryt bud, awryt

    Am rhysybhoy from glesga, ma wee pal kev said awryt tae, he get us our gear nd they ectos fae Dublin plus wee kev is ma das pal, but hes a heavy junkie man. See thenight a canny wait to be oan ma arse aff a couple a bottles of the auld bucky

  • Yes, alcoholics should receive stricter punishments

    Alcoholics should receive stricter punishments in regards to drinking and driving in order to make them stop doing it. A slap on the hand will do nothing to deter someone from drinking and driving, because there is not enough of a consequence for them. Stricter punishments could save many lives by making more people think before getting behind the wheel of a car to drive after drinking.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe alcoholics should receive stricter punishments in regards to drinking and driving. People who tend to have a problem with alcohol also tend to justify their ability to drive while intoxicated. I personally believe these people should be punished each and every time they are caught behind the wheel and over the legal limit. This would in effect make them have more and stricter punishments that their non-alcoholic peers.

  • Anyone who drives drunk should be punished

    Drunk driving is dangerous and can be deadly. People who choose to drink and drive should face harsh consequences. I'm not sure that alcoholics should receive harsher sentences than those who aren't alcoholic. Alcoholism is a disease, so we shouldn't punish people for having it. Sentences should be based on number and severity of offenses.

  • No, I don't thnk alcoholics should receive stricter punishments in regards to drinking and driving.

    I think everyone should be punished equally for drinking and driving, an alcoholic can not control how much they are drinking and need medical attention to treat their disease but they should not be punished more or less for drinking and driving, they could have easily killed someone just as someone who was non-alcoholic but drinking and driving could have.

  • Everyone deserves the same punishments for drinking and driving.

    Whether or not a person is an alcoholic should not be a factor in deciding the punishment for a drunken driving offense. Regardless of whether the person drinks daily or once in awhile, a person caught drinking and driving should be given the same punishment as anyone else. They are putting lives at risk in the same way and have made the same poor decision. It doesn't matter if they are an alcoholic or not.

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