• Yes, alcoholism and addiction should be classified as diseases.

    Yes, alcoholism and addiction are the result of mental disorders and as such should be classified as diseases. A person who is an alcoholic or addict isn't acting on free will. They are being controlled by their need for a substance and going without causes great physical displeasure. This would classify it as a disease.

  • Since they already are, yes.

    Alcoholism and addiction are a disease, which is why they are already classified as such. It has been proven that an actual dependency is created in the body, which leads to physical and mental cravings. Unfortunately, many people seem to want to pass morality judgments on this disease, which needs to be changed.

  • It is a habit.

    No, alcoholism and addiction should not be classified as a disease, because this paves the way for people to get disability funding for their so-called disease. That results in the government, us the taxpayers, giving them a check each month so that they can sit at home and be addicts.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe alcoholism or addiction should be classified as a disease. There is zero evidence that either of these problems are a disease. I think there is a possibility that they could be genetic disorders, but it would seem the most appropriate classification for them at this point is a mental disorder. We should not classify problems as a disease simply because we do not understand their causes.

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