Should Alec Baldwin get his own late-night talk show?

  • Why Not Alec?

    With a couple of the current individuals out there hosting late night talk shows, Alec Baldwin, in spite of all of his well documented, and frequently noted imperfections, might just be a super host. Why not? I mean his first guest can be the ever-present, always got an opinion, good Capital One buddy Charles Barkley, and I for one might stay up past my bedtime to see that exchange. Baldwin does have charisma, if wanting in some of the other more refined social skills, and would be an excellent talk show host, so give him a show. Or better yet, give one of these current buffoons the boot, and stick Alec in as an immediate upgrade.

  • Sure, why not?

    I know that Alec Baldwin has a reputation for being a "bad boy", but you know what? I can totally see him being an entertaining late night talk show host. Not only is he very funny (as proven from his many stints on Saturday Night Live), he's very intelligent and interesting to listen to. I also think he'd make a great interviewer provided none of his guests do or say anything to tick him off, of course!

  • No, he shouldn't.

    No, I don't think Alec Baldwin should get his own late-night talk show. I don't think he is that interesting of an actor or even an entertainer to have his own late-night talk show. Even if he did have a show, I don't think it would last long at all. He's sort of old news at this point.

  • Alex Baldwin should not get his own late-night talk show.

    We don't need another Jerry Springer. Alex, Alec, Alec. No, I don't want to hear that. Alex is a selfish and unkind man. He was so cruel to his own daughter, he is abusive physically and mentally. I dont think he deserves to be rewarded with his own show. He is a has been and needs to throw in the towel.

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