• He had violated the terms of service of the products he used.

    Alex Jones is a complete idiot. He does not know limits, He does not care about rules, He will use whatever platform available to him to spread his lies and disinformation, This is being said from a former subscriber, Before his expulsion from YouTube, And other related media platforms/sites. Alex Jones had violated the terms of service, And he had been removed, Simple as that. It is not censorship, But his pure ignorance and stupidity is what caused him to get his content removed from the many media accounts he owned. I hated his ignorance after his cursing of the president, And the absence of an apology, He was a master con artist, And he fooled so many, And for that, I am glad to have finally see the person who I was following. Should he have been "deplatformed"? I would say yes, No more people need to buy into his lies and disinformation, He's on some brink of insanity at this point, Who knows what he'll do next.

  • If you use a platform, Respect its policies

    Alex Jones broke Twitter's abuse policies by sharing a video of him harassing and excessively insulting CNN's Oliver Darcy. His freedom of speech/expression was not taken away, There are limits even the government has acknowledged. Moreover, The spread of false information can have harmful effects to those who easily believe it. There is no reason not to ban him. Twitter didn't ban him out of bias or because of his beliefs, But banned him for the harmful impact he was having on the platform, And Alex Jones simply broke their rules - repeatedly.

  • Disinformation is a very dangerous thing.

    At what point do we stop and recognize disinformation for the weapon it is? We have to fight against it, Yet American culture can't seem to agree on where they can find the truth. Many are even anti-science. If folks like Alex Jones aren't shut down, People will continue on this path of idiocy.

  • Yes. He's just another NWO zionist shill who kisses Iseral's ass. Glad he's gone.

    It's simple. He was deplatformed because he wasn't needed anymore. He outlived his usefulness and so he pretends to be the victim and cries about it saying it was a "coordinated attack" when it was never any skin off his nose in the first place. He still sells his snake oil crap. His website is still up so the deplatforming was NO LOSS to him if anything he gained more exposure from it.

  • Yes he is a shill of the NWO

    He does more harm than good because he is bill hicks. The whole reason they took him off is because he is no longer useful to them. More then half of his predictions are off and he just gives you red herrings.
    His whole purpose is to make legit conspiracy people look bad and get them banned. How can you support that con man that peddles his wares when he already is super rich. I am glad I do not have to hear his half baked lies.

  • Inciting harm isn't protected speech

    What it says in the title. Jones didn't just present his own lunatic views- he implicitly and sometimes explicitly encouraged his supporters to harass, Intimidate, And potentially harm people that he identified as opposing him or representing things he didn't like about the modern world. That isn't protected by free speech, And rightly so.

  • This is a violation of the first amendment.

    Everyone knows Alex Jones is a nut. He is crazy and nearly every American knows it. However does he have a right to say what he wants on a company that claims to be a free speech haven, Yes. The more we do this the smaller our free speech rights become. A classical liberal once said, "I may hate you for what you have to say, But I will wholly defend your right to say it.

  • I do not think this is the right move.

    Just for the fun of it, I decided to check some of his videos out to see what type of a person was being deplatformed. If I could describe him in one word, It would be 'psychotic'. He was talking about how Sandy Hook is a government ploy, 9/11 was a hoax, And that water was turning frogs gay. Yeah. I said that. Turning frogs GAY. He was also a narcissist, Loud mouth, And the epitome of paranoia. This guy spreads misinformation, Is MAD, And is an all around psycho. Is he doing any good on the internet? No, But neither are a lot of people. Once we ban people like this we go down a historic slippery slope in which the freedom of speech is gradually eliminated. Before we know it, We will end up banning liars. It doesn't take a genius to tell this man is psychotic. There is a reason not many people at all take this man seriously. The American people aren't stupid, And if you want to ban him based on terms and conditioned, Them you at least have to be consistent, But I do not know of a single other person that this has happend to. This appears to be either a move to take away freedom of speech gradually, Or it's just another reason to take another conservative off social media. Each, Equally possible

  • Never heard of him.

    That is with the exception of the recent controversies about his being banned. Sounds to me like he only has a small audience and this controversy will only act as free advertising for him or his show. From what I understand, He's a bit of a conspiracy nut. Kind like a mirror image of Michael Moore.
    Look, If they guy says something that is prohibited, By all means, Censor that statement like any other nut job in the media. As far as the "hate speech" issue. This all depends on what you call hate speech. People are welcome to their own opinion and as long as it's not intended to inspire actual criminal activity. I see no problem with it. If it's intended to inspire criminal activity, Then if the statement can be stopped (deleted from a media source) then it should be. If it can not be stopped (a live broadcast) then the person should be held legally responsible for any actions their words inspired. Even if no action comes to pass, They should at least be fined.

    Just wondering, Is anyone taking away Madonna's ability to communicate with the public for her thoughts about "The White House"? Clearly, Her words could definitely inspire criminal actions. What about holding up a mock severed head (Kathy Griffin), Or Carole Cook's quote “Where is John Wilkes Booth when you need him? ” Clearly, That could inspire criminal actions. Funny how these other examples of hate speech get through without editing yet some nobody says some mean things about someone on the left and they are denied a public platform? Why does the word "hypocrisy" come to mind? Guess what they say is true. If the left didn't have a double standard, They'd have no standards at all.

  • Hamas is still on twitter

    Hamas is still on twitter. Don't you think that Hamas is hateful? I do too. We all know facebook and twitter are crazy socialist globalists but they also abet terrorism too? What a wonderful world. This is why everyone is oppressed and no one is happy because of twitter and facebook

  • No reason to do so

    Since twitter and Facebook are supposed to be open platforms, They should not be biased politically at all. Alex Jones is crazy, Everyone knows that. He isn't hurting anybody by being a conspiracy theorist, And if he was left wind he never would have been banned. Also, Hamas is still on twitter so i'm confused lol.

  • No one deserves to be de-platformed.

    I may not agree with everything Alex Jones claims on his show, But I do respect his right to say those things. We should live in a world where we have freedom of expression of our ideas. It's just a show. He isn't forcing anyone to conform to his beliefs about conspiracy theories or whatever else he says. You don't even have to consume his content.

  • No I don't think he should have been deplatformed

    Now to get one thing straight I by no means support anything Alex Jones says. To me he will always be a fear mongering conspiracy theorist. But, By deplatformed you just give him more ammunition he is already claiming that this a plot to silence him. Just let him scream his lungs out and ignore him.

  • I believe that they can ban HIM not info wars as a whole

    I love Alex Jones, But they should just deplatform him not the entire info wars news source, Info wars was a great news source. But in my opinion if they wanted Alex Jones gone, They should have contacted info wars and said that they should remove them or else the entire info wars news source will be shut down, But, Sadly YouTube and other social medias removed him along with the entire info wars news source.

  • No, Reduction of free speech starts small.

    However inflammatory or controversial Jones's material may be, His right to have a platform to preach it is irrevocable. I am a huge supporter of free speech in general, So it shames me to see this blatant misuse of power and authority. I believe even vile words have the same right as righteous ones to be heard, I would defend even the most vitriolic speaker's right to speak, Unless they directly insight violence. Jones's worst offence as far as I'm aware is that he supports conspiracy theories that state that school shootings were faked, As with the Sandy Hook incident. Although this media shouldn't be pasted on YouTube's front page, I believe it should still be available. Jones's material was taken down, Seemingly, Due to public outrage, And almost simultaneously, Which suggests YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, And the other platforms agreed, Or else saw an opportunity, To take Jones down. Public outrage I believe is responsible for this takedown, Social media is a business, And this move was not done out of a moral concern, But more for the privilege of saying "were against the bad-guys. " Which I think is worrying.

  • Equivalent to burning books

    If you do not like what Jones has to say, Don't listen to him. If you think Jones lies, Bring up the evidence and sue him for spreading misinformation. If you think he incites violence, Bring up the evidence and also make sure to lock Hilary Clinton and Maxine Waters before proceeding.
    People have a right to speak, And those who want to hear have the right to listen. Anything interfering with these rights is repugnantly tyrannical.

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Debating_Horse says2018-09-15T16:04:37.003
Yes he should have been. There was no problem with his removal from many media sites.

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